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2023 Jan - Dec MX

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Note that 2022 was a year when we did not race competitively. Covid had something to do with that and so did also Vinny's work as a bartender (he works most w/e's).


Cambridge MCC Flat Track Practice
15 April 2023 


MX had taken a back-seat since 2022. But this was an event Vinny wanted to race in. A "Practice Event" where nobody was given any points or placings.

We were both pretty rusty re it all. Packing the van was not as simple as it used to be. But luckily we would race less than 20Km away!

We were both excited re it all! Sign in was done and a $40 entry fee paid to race in MX3. We erected our gazebo and made sure the 150sx was ready.

In practice Vinny took it easy. We were both OK with that as there was nothing riding on this event.

In Race 1 we found that over 50 riders lined up for the race... And in the hole shot corner there was a pile-up of riders. Vinny was in no hurry and would have been one of the last ones out of the gates. He then slowly started the climb and at end of the three laps he was approx 25'th.

Having realized that he did OK in Race 1 he added some speed for Race 2. Again he was one of the last ones out and subsequently he also avoided the holeshot pileup in this race... But now he started passing riders straight away. Three laps later he was in approx 15'th place.

As he had work in the evening Vinny decided not to do Race 3. I was OK with that as we both felt we did what we came there for. MX is still fun, the bike runs well, Vinny has forgotten nothing regarding the riding and most importantly, he had fun!

Not sure where we turn up next. But it should not be far away as we need one more go of racing before the 2023 NZ TT.


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