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Older Updates Jan - Dec  2019

No racing to report
15 Deceember 2019

This would have been the year with least riding since Vinny was 6yo when we started on an air cooled 50cc KTM that had 3Hp.

There are a few reasons for that:

- We still had some bike issues and as we now only have one bike it clearly put a dent in the riding.

- Vinny had to come up with half the costs for anything related to his MX. And as dad did not pay it all it suddenly became real and he realised that this was not cheap!

- Last year at High School and a good Y13 result with UE was achieved. But it took some focus away from MX.

- And also now being a senior rider made a difference. As we still only had the 125cc KTM it was not ideal as a weapon.

But the plan is for a 150sx to enter the mix at some stage in 2020. And then who knows what happens. Until then...

The NZ School Cross Country at Taikorea gave us a painful lesson!
6 September 2019

How hard can it be to ride XC? Well... we found out. Our knowledge was lacking and our preparations too. Next time..

Round 3 of Central HBMCC Club Series goes well for Vinny!
21 July 2019

Vinny likes racing in a cropped Corn Field! Everything went well... apart from our water blaster that refused to start!

Round 1 of Central HBMCC Club Series looks good until....
19 May 2019

A nice day for a natural terrain race. A little windy, but that did not worry the racers. Vinny fights hard for a win and is leading race 2 when...

Round 3 of HBMCC Magic Series
12 May 2019

Vinny is not a club member this year, so this was for fun and to test that we had sorted the bike

2019 NZ TT went well for Vinny on a borrowed bike!
5 - 6 May 2019

Vinny got problems already in practice, but thanks to Murray from Wairoa we still got a weekend of racing done!!

Final Tauranga School MX brings almost what we came for
18 March 2019

Rented ute with less space, 3am start and rain in Race 3 all played it's part. But we are OK with Vinny's racing on the day!

Central HB Club Day was a really good day for us!
20 January 2019

After no riding for 5 months this was just what we needed! A bike that ran smoothly, some tussles but no drama. Central HB Club days are always good!



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