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Two days of racing at SummerX is just what we needed to finish the year and to get back in to it!
29 - 30 December 2017

Junior 15 - 17yo 125cc on Friday and Youth 15 - 21yo on Saturday is a big ask from Vinny, but he does what he can. The results are not earth shattering and he places outside top 20 in both classes with a 17'th place on Day 1 being the best he could do.

From us to all of you a Brilliant Xmas and a Prosperous New Year!
22 December 2017
Vinny will be racing next in SummerX at Awakaponga Bay of Plenty 29 December (Junior 15 - 17yo 125cc) and Saturday 30 December (Youth 15 - 21yo 125/250f) See You There!!
We have sand everywhere and sadly no good racing news from NZ SS MX Champs
11 November 2017

An early crash and a beaten up body puts stop to any plans of a top 5 placing. Bummer!!

Final round of 2017 HB Champs is fun.
29 October 2017

Knowing that he would struggle to place high in the Champs took away the pressure and Vinny had a fun day of racing!

Havelock Nth HS trophy for '2017 Best Performance Motocross' goes to Vinny!
24 October 2017
Vinny's final MX Fest as Junior goes OK
21 October 2017

Good racing and lessons learnt. Some really good 125 riders makes it hard to get a top placing, but we get only one spot from our plan!

Hauraki Plains Colleges "Nailing The Peat 5" gives Vinny a 3'rd!
20 October 2017

Vinny had a good day and looked alittle like the old Vinny while racing! And had it not been for a crash, while in the lead, in Race 2 he could have placed 2'nd!

HB Champs Round 2 is hard work!
15 October 2017

Poor starts and hand cramp limits Vinny's chances of climbing in to the top group.

An unforgiving natural terrain track takes prisoners!
1 October 2017

Vinny works hard in HB Champs Round 1 outside Waipukurau, but the rewards are slim and our plans to be inside top-five after Round 1 are squashed!

A steady day at Taupo Round 6
24 September 2017

Vinny did not put the world on fire as he still had trust issues with the 2016 bike. But slowly he got faster as the day went on!

A slow day for Vinny in Otane.
17 September 2017

Vinny felt lethargic and only put some effort in for the points race. But a lost gear leaver stopped his plan of a top placing

Wairoa School MX gives us hope!
15 September 2017

The 2016 KTM was running well, Vinny was fighting for podium placings and with the HNHS MX Team he placed 3'rd!

More gremlins in the bike!
3 September 2017

A jamming throttle drops Vinny to 4'th in the overall results!.

Vinny's first go at Senior racing is an OK experience.
20 August 2017

The second day at SandPrix is spent racing National 125cc. Considering all we are OK with the result.

SandPrix on the back-up bike is not a total disaster!
19 August 2017

After some more work on the 2012 125cc we got her going well enough to get Vinny to 5'th in the 15-16 125cc class!

Trident/BOP School MX starts well, but gremlins re-appear!
18 August 2017

We have a posessed KTM and are now considering an exorcism to get rid of whatever is causing the issues!

Taupo Winter Series Round 4 too slippery for Vinny!
30 July 2017

The ground was frozen and ice in the shadows. Vinny found some of that ice when landing after a jump resulting in a injured wrist.

Mighty Manawatu not a total disaster for us this year...
23 July 2017

A racing bike that refused to do it's job made the day less than a 10 for us. But apart from that a good day of racing for Vinny!

Round 3 at Tokoroa puts Vinny up in 3'rd overall!
2 July 2017

The rain stayed away and even if we had some issues Vinny did a good job and climbed up the ladder!

First go at Battle of the Clubs for Vinny!
24 June 2017

Thanks to a spot in the Taumarunui MCC Team Vinny was able to at last add racing in the BOTC to his CV. The Taumarunui team is new so we settled for doing as well as we could do help the team!

XC Paddock racing in Central HB
18 June 2017

We had hoped to be very competitive, but on a soggy paddock setup that would have been a brilliant short Cross Country track Vinny struggled

No racing for Vinny over the w/e
11 June 2017

The injury to Vinnys left arm and right wrist needs a little more time to heal so we took the w/e off but we will be back for the coming w/e's Central HB Club Day!

NI SS MX Champs promised much but sadly ended with a crash!
3 June 2017

OK, so Vinny crashed in Race 2. But that was after taking the holeshot, leading for 2 laps and being in 2'nd for two more laps. And reason he crashed was that he wanted back in to 2'nd. Can not fault his commitment!

Another wet and soggy day is what Taupo Round 2 offers us.
28 May 2017

11 riders come to race in Vinny's class. Vinny finds his start mojo and gets good results. He now sits in 4'th in the series and we are on track for the top five that is our aim!

Round 1 of Magic Series starts a little soggy but turns in to a top day for racing.
14 May 2017

Vinny struggles with starts but races OK and manages to climb up as the races go on.

32 riders in Vinny's class at South Waikato Winter Series Round 2
7 May 2017

Some issues with Vinny's bike does not stop him from climbing up in the standings!

On a rainy wet day Vinny rides two classes at Taupo Round 1
1 May 2017

The Taupo track, that normally is one of Vinny's favorites, was this day soggy and slippery. Not a fav surface of his!

Club Day in Central HB becomes a two-man battle!
23 April 2017

Vinny and Joe have some awsum battles for the wins in the Junior 125/250f class!

Vinny rides two classes in the 2-Day FMX East Coast Flat Track Champs
16 April 2017

Consistant riding in the 12-16yo 125cc class gives Vinny 5'th overall.

Tauranga School MX does not go to plan!
7 April 2017

A crash in practice puts stop to any plans of a podium finish and we travel home to lick our wounds.

Vinny has a brilliant day at Tokoroa!
2 April 2017

Awsum riding in a tough class gets Vinny humming. He jumps the 100 foot tabletop, makes passes and tests the starting gates. You really missed out if you were not there!!

Central HB Club Day with a slipping clutch makes it tricky.
19 March 2017

A slipping clutch gave Vinny start problems at the Rotorua School MX and same issue here. But apart from that a good day of racing!

We had 4 riders in the Havelock Nth HS MX Team at Rotorua!!!
17 March 2017

We did not come for the 22'nd placing Vinny got, but we left feeling like winners. After 3 years of work we now have a MX Team at Havelock Nth HS and this was the teams first outing!!!

Some tough racing at Central HB Club Day for Vinny
26 February 2017

Vinny races well and finishes all his races in top five!

KOTM does not go to plan, but we are OK with it.
21 January 2017

In practice Vinny did really well and we were sure that there was more to come, but...

Vinny's 2016 in review and a look at 2017
7 January 2017

2016 was a year that promised much but sadly delivered little.

Vinny was ready for the NZ Junior Champs where he raced in the 12-14yo 125cc class. Our aim was to get him in to his first top-ten at a National level. Sadly a serious crash in the last race stopped this, put him in hospital and he finished 11'th.

We were hampered by this major injury that stopped any racing for 4 months plus a minor one that took 4 weeks to heal equalling 5 months on the sideline.

Our financial situation was much tighter than before meaning that we, for the first time, were only able to run one bike. Without a back-up bike we, at times, could not get going in time for a race after a crash or break-down.

But on the positive side Vinny's riding matured and his cool head has provided some outstanding moments on the track.

For 2017 we will focus on keeping the riding fun. Vinny has two years left as a Junior where he has decided to stay with riding a 125cc. We will focus on a few series and do some of the Championships on the tracks Vinny likes.

2017 will also be a big year for the Havelock Nth HS MX Team with the NI and NZ Secondary School MX Champs back on the calendar. Add a handful of other School MX racing and our calendar will have enough action to keep Vinny busy.

A HUGE Thank You to our awsum sponsors who are such a big part of our racing and at times have been the difference between having to stay at home or being able to race:

MOTOZ Dirt Tyres 

MOTOMUCK Cleaners 


Broxy Rider Coaching

JT Racing 

Patterson O'Connor Motorcycles 


454 unlimited


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