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Offer for Junior Riders

In 2012

Vinny raced his first season of 65cc in 2011. At the end of the year we realised that for him to have any chance to climb up to the dizzying heights of Motocross stardom, he needed much more than the one – two meetings he was getting per month.


We compiled a list of all possible North Island meetings he could enter in 2012. From that we drew up a list of 45 meetings he would enter from February to December.


Initially the improvements in his riding were slow, but after approx. 25 meetings it suddenly all started to come together. On paper his top achievement would have been winning the Auckland 9-11yo 65 champs. But the result we value highest in 2012 was his second placing at the year-ending Summer Cross in Whakatane.


In 2013

2013 started well, and in January Vinny placed second at the NZGP in Woodville in the 65cc class. Apart from a few more 65cc meetings that he wants to have another shot at (King of the North, North Island Championships and Primary/Intermediate School Champs) it will all be 85cc in 2013. We have almost completed the list of meetings where he will race in 2013. It will again be just below 50 meetings.


As any parent who has children participating in a sport will know, apart from the financial drain, there is also the time spent away from the other children, family, work and personal pursuits that can cause conflict.


I am Vinny’s mechanic, driver, Manager and all else you do as a parent. I also currently have the luxury to devote my time to Vinny’s motocross racing. I have years of experience as coach in different sports, I have run youth organisations and I have been a single dad to 4 boys for the past 11 years. I therefore consider my self well qualified to work with children/youth.


I have the following offer for up to 3 youth who race 85/125/150/250cc in Juniors and would like the opportunity to be able to race as much as Vinny does:

Travel with us and race at all, or some selected meetings where Vinny will race. 


The ideal is to find up to 3 youth who can commit to a whole year of racing, and who’s parents support them in this.

(But I am equally interested in youth who are looking for transport and support to a specific meeting that is on our list.)


What the youths will get out of this:

  • ·         A chance to race every weekend if they want to.

    ·        To have someone with them dedicated to helping them and taking care of any issues.

    ·        Comradeship from other HB riders for the whole trip.

What the parents will get out of this:

·         Confidence that their youth is in safe hands

·         Able to focus on other things that tends to be left un-attended while spending weekends at motocross.

·         Knowing that their youth gets exposed to racing against top competition every weekend.


What we will provide:

·         The youth can travel with us to all the meetings we race at (and obviously your bike and your gear will come with us!). We have a van (will upgrade shortly from our old trusty “Racing Snail”)

·         The youth would get the same support from me as Vinny gets over the whole trip.

·         I would function as the Manager/pit crew to the same level as I do for Vinny.



There is also the opportunity to use my experience and knowledge to do maintenance on your son's/daughters bike if you would want this. Please indicate if this is something you would like to consider when contacting me. (I am proud of the fact that in close to five years of riding Vinny has had no DNF's. He has never missed a race as result of  bike failure. In fact he has yet to have a DNS...)

If you think this could be for you, please contact me by email for more detailed information (You find the email function under the "Contact" tag at the top of the web page).

Or you can txt or ring me on 027-932 3621.



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