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Old Updates Jan-Dec 2016

Final CHB day for the year and we have the bike sorted!
17 December 2016

A good day of racing on natural terrain. Looking forward to 2017!

CHB MCC Club Day together with school mates.
20 November 2016

We are almost there. Some minor issues but a relaxing day on a natural terrain track!

Round 3 of HB Champs does not run to plan!!
16 October 2016

With Vinny's riding improving we felt that 3'rd in the Champs was a possibility... That was before all turned to custard!!

HB Champs Round 2 goes well for Vinny
9 October 2016

In a field of 22 riders Vinny placed 3'rd. 5'th and 2'nd doing no harm to his chances of gaining a podium in the Champs. But that will depend on the bike being back to it's best after some issues over the w/e. Will we be ready? Time will tell!

No riding for Vinny this w/e.
24 September 2016

Vinny njured his right arm at last w/e's HB Champs. Luckily nothing broken, but arm was swollen and painful. We had hoped that he would be OK to ride at Wairoa ths w/e and also to be part of the Broxy 2 day coaching there. Sadly he is still struggling to put weight on the hand so we hold back one more week.

28 riders in Junior 125/250 class for HB Champs!
19 September 2016

Even with some engine issues Vinny rides well and executes brilliant passing moves!

A cool day of MX in Wairoa is hampered by failing clutch
28 August 2016

The racing was fast, fun and fair. But Vinnys hard use of the clutch costed us as the plates wore out!

Central HB Club Day becomes very competitive!
21 August 2016

Two of Vinnys Havelock Nth school mates also raced here and suddenly it was about who is the fastest rider at the high school...

1.5h MX provides a day of fun racing.
14 August 2016

With no pressure on him Vinny had a fun day of racing. There was dirt, crashes and even a shot-gun blast!

We had two goals for the BOP Inter-school Champs. And we achieved both!
12 August 2016

A good day of racing at Awakaponga for Vinny. He caught up with some mates, showed that he has what it takes and can get there with some more time!

After three months on the sideline Vinny was happy to be back out racing, and he had forgotten nothing!
31 July 2016

This was Round 3 of Wairoa MCC's Winter Series. With Taupo being cancelled we came here to get some track time and check that all was working. And it did!

At last! Doctors clearance for Vinny!! This means we will be back racing this w/e.
HBMCC 1.5h MX seems like a good place to return after three months off.
18 July 2016
YES! We have, after two weeks of serious computer issues, managed to do a full update of the 2016 MX Calendar!
Click on the "2016 MX Calendar" tab above to find out what MX is happening in New Zealand!
13 July 2016
Today we went to the hospital to get the cast off. Vinny was looking forward to starting practice riding and the mood was high. That was before we were told that Vinny would NOT get a doctors clearance. He would first need to use a 'moon boot' for six weeks before we would be able to re-start the MX. Needless to say we were not happy with that info. So the earliest Vinny will be back racing is the w/e 23/24 July.
7 June 2016
The leg-long cast is off and a new below-the-knee one will be on for only one week more. So we agreed that it was time for Vinny to start to get the MX feel back!
29 May 2016
NZ Junior Champs hunt for top-ten ends with a broken leg and 11'th placing for Vinny
24 April 2016

Vinny fought hard for three days to achieve his goal of a top-ten placing. And before the final race (Race 7) he was there, holding 9'th. While sitting in 6'th he got a double wrong and cased it crashing out and breaking his right legs tibia and fibular just above the ankle.

Article in HB Today after Day 1 of NZ Junior Champs.
23 April 2016
Wanganui Winter Series Round 1 is a blast!
17 April 2016

In a field of 21 125cc riders Vinny races well and puts his newly sorted suspension to good use on the track that has had some major work done for the season.

Crashes at a soggy Round 2 of Hawke's Bay Magic Series
10 April 2016

With no chance of placing well in the series we came here for some fun. Vinny was riding well but crashes stopped him placing well. And so the fun went out of it.

East Coast Flat Track Champs is fast and fun!
26 - 27 March 2016

This was the second year the FMXHB club held this event. There was about 15 classes (including many quad classes), but thanks to the good organising all got 3 races on Day one and 2 on Day 2. Vinny rode in the 12-16yo 125cc class and placed 4'th after some fast riding.

Final Ngaruroro Raceway practice before NZ Junior Champs
19 March 2016

For the last practice before the Champs we focused on clearing doubles. Initially Vinny held back, but then he started doing most of the jumps and doubles. Will this be enough for a top 10 placing at the Juniors? We hope so, but with expected 40 riders on the gates it will be hard!

Rotorua Secondary School Champs goes wrong for us!
18 March 2016

A muddy track and a faulty hydraulic clutch puts a stop to any plans we had of a top five placing. But for the first time Vinny was not alone riding for Havelock Nth HS MX Team! George is now a committed member of the team!.

Two days of Mossy Coaching in Matamata is good for Vinny!
12-13 March 2016

Last time Vinny had Mossy coaching was three years ago. Clashes with other commitments and lack of funds has been the main reasons we have not come to these sessions. Plus the first (and only time) Vinny had some Mossy coaching it was information overload for Vinny. Now being three years more mature he was better equipped to take things in.


We learnt quite a few things that will improve Vinny's riding and that we can keep working on. Plus it was also interesting to compare where Vinny was in his riding. But as the NZ Junior Champs are on the horizon we feel that these two days will give Vinny a small edge.

Practice in preparation for NZ Junior Champs at Ngaruroro Raceway Hastings
5 March 2016

The HBMCC has made some changes to the track since we last had a chance to practice, and all in preparation for the upcoming NZ Juniors Champs that will be held here.


We wanted to focus on getting the jumps right over the longer table-tops. And after a few runs Vinny started to get the hang of it. Sadly he crashed at end of the day. Luckily nothing broken, but a bruised hip. So we decided to not ride at Round 1 of HBMCC's Magic Series the day after.

A day of coaching in Rotorua by 2brothers Coaching.
27 February 2016


Mike and John Phillips, both well known MX riders in NZ, have for many years been coaching young riders at the Rotorua MCC MX track that is on the Phillips farm. This is where Round 3 of NZMX Champs will be held and also the annual Rotorua School Champs.


A good time to get a feel for the track for Vinny, as he is riding in the school champs, and also to get some tips re where and how to improve his riding.

We spent first half of the day at the main track. As there was a wedding starting at midday at the closest to the track neighbors, all moved to a small private track a few stone-throws away.


The 18 riders were split in to two groups and all got some individual coaching.


As the main part of the day was used to work on all riders cornering this suited us perfectly! Vinny has been struggling with corner speed but we have not been able to figure out what was wrong. Mike and John watched Vinny and straight away did see where he was going wrong! That alone was worth the $100 the Phillips charged for the day.


Awsum day and heaps of stuff to work on! Thanks Mike and John!!

Central HB Racing, fast and fun!
27 February 2016

Vinny wins Race 1 and 2 but Brendan takes Race 3!

Wairarapa Club Day last one for the club??
7 February 2016

Boneyard is a awsum track! We have loved it every time we come here. But the club is struggling for members who pitch in.

A good day at King of the Mountain in New Plymouth!
24 January 2016

Not a bad day, but w/o a couple of crashes a podium was a possibility...

Three Rounds of racing in Wairoa produces a good result!
January 2016

Thanks Wairoa MCC for a good start to the year! We race at the Wairoa Twilight Series on the Mangapoike track and have fun plus get a podium!!

Vinny likes the Central HB club day held over natural terrain!
21 February 2016

Two holeshots and two wins keeps Vinny happy. His confidence is also slowly coming back! Very much worth the trip!

Club Day at the Boneyard in Wairarapa is a hot one!
7 February 2016

30 degrees and heaps of sun makes the day one where drinking heaps is a must. Vinnys racing is OK and we feel we achieved what we came here for!

King Of The Mountain goes OK and we figure out how to remedy the re-occurring finger cramps!
24 January 2016

A crash in Race 1 and 2 does not make a huge difference for Vinnys result and we consider the day a good one!

Final round of Wairoa Twilight series done and dusted!
21 January 2016

Lower numbers and dusty, but some good riding. And we really need to find a remedy for vinny's finger cramps!!

Round 2 of Wairoa Twilight Series shows improvements!
14 January 2016

Second 2016 race meeting for Vinny and he rides just outside his comfort zone. This results in a few crashes but also in faster riding!

First race meeting of 2016 goes well for Vinny!
7 January 2016

Vinny starts 2016 by racing in Wairoa MCC's Twilight Series Round 1 where he is able to show some of the skills he has developed in his 7 years of racing!

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