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Older Updates Aug - Dec  2013

Summer Cross in Whakatane is the last race meeting of the year and everyone wants to finish on a high!

28 December 2013

Vinny places 18'th out of 34 riders but gets a second go in the 12-13yo 85cc in December 2014. As this was the first time on the Awakaponga track we are OK with that.

Check out the newly added page that lists all the NZ MX meetings we know about!

19 December 2013

Many riders miss out on racing as they can not find all race meetings listed. We have here made an attempt to rectify that.


To find the page put the cursor over "Upcoming meetings" at the top of the page. A new tab will open stating "NZ 2014 Race Meetings". Click that one and you have found it!


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Vinny finds out what Speedcross is and has a practice day in Wellington

14 - 15 December 2013

In a busy weekend we travel to Taupo to test out Ben Townleys Speedcross concept on Saturday, and drive down to Upper Hutt for a Sunday practice on Kapi Mana's track.

A second for Vinny in his first Cross Country 1 1/2h race.

8 December 2013

With Valley Champs at Patetonga postponed and rain predicted for Wanganui and Foxton, we decided to race in the HBMCC 1 1/2h XC. Vinny raced really well to complete 19 laps of the track!

Vinny wins both final races in MOMCC Club Champs

1 December 2013

After missing Round 3 with his broken hand, Vinny gets redemption and win's both races in the final round of the Manawatu-Orion MCC Club Champs giving him 3'rd overall in the 8-11yo class.

First time practicing on Hawke's Bay's new MX track: Ngaruroro Raceway

29 November 2013

Vinny's first time on the new HB MX track. There is still work to be done, and as the track has very little use yet it is a fraction overgrown. But you will get the idea. Plan is that the track will be in use by winter 2015.

Vinny races for first time in South Island and comes 3'rd in the 'Top Of The South' MotoX Champs

23-24 November 2013

After a month off we went searching for some tough racing and found it in Nelson. Vinny races to 4'th, 6'th, 4'th, 2'nd, 4'th, 5'th and 4'th to claim 3'rd overall in the 11-12yo class.

First meeting back after cast is off goes well even if there is some pain in the right hand.

19 November 2013

We entered the Round 3 of the HB Champs with the idea of taking it easy and not fight for positions. But when the race started that was all forgotten by Vinny, and he races to two 3'rd placinga and a fourth after four weeks away from MX.

No Auckland Champs, but we compensate with Top of the South next weekend!

15 October 2013

After three days out of the cast the hand is still too sore for Vinny to be able to race "full-on", We will therefore not travel to Auckland for the Auckland Champs. (And Vinny is a little sad re this but was the one who made the final decision here).


But all is not lost! On Sunday he will ride in the last round of the HB Champs. As he has missed the two early rounds he will only participate for some practice and is not there to fight with the others.


And... next weekend we will travel to South Island to race in the Top of the South Chamionships. We had contemplated this at an earlier stage but decided against it. Now with 4 weeks of no riding the priorities have changed and Vinny will race for a podium in the 11-12yo class!


Good news! The cast comes off on Tuesday 12 November!!

29 October 2013

We went to the hospital today and the news is very good! The X-Rays show that Vinny's thumb is healing really well. So the new cast will come off on Tuesday 12 November meaning Vinny will be riding in Auckland Champs!!! The new cast looks good, but boring. So we sorted that!


13 November 2013 Update: The cast is now off, but there is too much pain in the hand for Vinny to be able to ride "full-on" this weekend. So we have decided not to travel to Auckland for the Auckland Champs. We will try to get back in to racing next w/e!

A broken metacarpal puts Vinny out of MX for 4 weeks.

21 October 2013

Vinny manages to smile even if he will miss Labour Weekend Extravaganza at Taupo, Waikato Champs, Ohakune Cup, Hawke's Bay Champs and round 3 of the Manawatu Champs. But with a little of luck he will just be ready in time for Auckland Champs in 4 weeks...

A broken hand is all Vinny takes home from "Nailing The Peat"

18 October 2013

Our aim was a top-five finish, but crashes put a stop to that and Vinny's first broken bone in MX is a reality.

Final round at Rotorua Vinny's best 85cc meeting sofar!

13 October 2013

No illness and a fully functioning bike allows Vinny to race to his potential with three holeshots, two wins and a 2'nd place the result!

A not well Vinny battles to a 3'rd and two 2'nd's at Taikorea Park

6 October 2013

A nasty tummy bug had kept Vinny very quiet for three days, but he was not gonna allow that to stop him racing in the Manawatu-Orion MCC Club Champs Round 2!

A holeshot and top five finish at Taupo's final round for Vinny!

29 September 2013

Vinny get his starts right and races the best he has at Taupo, but the day is not without mishaps as the clutch works itself loose sadly providing the days DNF.

Mighty Manawatu Champs does not go to plan!

22 September 2013

Two faulty bikes makes the going tough and only for race 3 do we get all working, but by then it is all too late.

Two holeshots for Vinny in HB Magic Series!

15 September 2013

With a holeshot device and some practice Vinny takes two holeshots and wins his first ever holeshot money!!

A brilliant day of racing in Rotorua and Vinny's first 85cc holeshot!

8 September 2013

Vinny's starts had been lacking lately, so we focused on getting them right. And in the 3'rd race it all came together for a holeshot. Three 2'nd placings was the tally for the day.

2'nd place at NZ Dirt Track Beach Racing Nationals for Vinny!

7 September 2013

A 3'rd and two 2'nds gives Vinny 2'nd overall in Junior A class at Makorori Beach in Gisborne..

Vinny jumps the step-down for first time at Flipps!

1 September 2013

A sore throat and slight fever zaps some of Vinnys energy and he places 2'nd, 3'rd and 4'th at Flipps.

Round 5 of Taupo Winter Series a top day for Vinny!

25 August 2013

Clearing the Dam Jump and getting his first top five finish in 85cc at Taupo only part of this days achievements!

Vinny places 3'rd at the East Coast Beach Racing Challenge

24 August 2013

Racing in the Junior A grade against 125cc bikes results in a podium for Vinny.

First time at Wanganui Senior Track gives Vinny a new "Best Track"

18 August 2013

Dry and partly sunny day in Wanganui made us race there this Sunday. Vinny places 6'th, 4'th and 3'rd and now wants to race here more!

Good fast riding at Flipps in Manawatu is encouraging for the upcoming Mighty Manawatu Champs in September!

4 August 2013

8'th, 7'th and 8'th in a field of 20 riders, where half of them were from the 13-16yo grade, was Vinny's result from the Pre-Champs Warmup at MOMCC's track.

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