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Vinny's MX Injuries

Vinny's MX Injuries


June 2012 - Wanganui Winter Series. 9-11yo 65cc. Vinny hurt his right hand when he hit the handlebar of a rider who he was about to lap. He crashed and was in pain, but got up and finished the race and, from memory, placed 3'rd. There was no damage to his hand, but he was not able to race the next w/e in the Mighty Manawaty Champs.


October 2013 - Hauraki Plains College "Back To Te Peat" School Championships. Experienced 85cc. In the last race for the day Vinny got tangled in another riders bike while they were fighting for 3'rd place. Vinny broke his right thumb, but finished the race. His hand was in a cast for five weeks before he was able to get back to racing.


January 2014 - New Zealand GP. 11-12yo 85cc. In practice Vinny got a jump totally wrong (we later figured out that the reason was two broken fibre clutch plates) and landed on his front wheel. The bike hit him in the back and he got five compressed vertabraes. Vinny was out of racing for five weeks.


July 2014 - Tauranga School MX Championships. Intermediate 85cc. In practice Vinny crashed in a corner and broke his r/h collarbone. Vinny got a doctors clearance and was back racing two weeks later.


January 2015 - Valley Champs Patetonga. Under 17yo 85cc. Vinny is taken out on lap 1 of Race 1. He slowly rides back to the pits with a hurt left hand. First Aid works on his hand, and Ice, tape and painkillers allows him back in Race 2 but he is not able to go 'full out' as a result of the pain. After a week of rest he is back racing.


January 2015 - King Of The Mountain. 12-13yo 85cc. In the second race, while in 3'rd place, Vinny gets a double jump wrong and crashes out hurting his left heel. No broken bones but a very sore achilles tendon and heal. 5 weeks of physio before he is back.


March 2015 - Practice Hastings. 125cc. After a good practice run at the Pakowhai Dirt Track Vinny was doing a last "cool down" lap before we were to pack up and go home. His mind was already on other things and he dropped the bike in a slow corner. Vinny put out his left arm to soften the fall and injured the elbow. He missed 4 weeks of riding and got back on the bike 2 days before Round 1 of Taupo Winter Series.


October 2015 - MX Fest Taupo. 125cc. In Race 1 Vinny is in 7'th when he comes over the jump before the saw-dust section on the 3'rd lap. His front wheel goes out of the rut and he decides to power through, but the bike spits him off. He lands on his right hand and breaks his wrist in two places. He had a cast on for 8 weeks and was back to racing after 2 1/2 months for SummerX 2015..


April 2016 - NZ Junior Champs Hastings. 125cc. In the final race on day 3 (Race 7) Vinny has his best start and on lap 2 sits in 6'th when he cases a jump and crashes out. He breaks his right leg's tibia and fibular just above his ankle. Vinny gets Doctors clearance to get back to racing on 18 July. That was 3 months on the sideline....

September 2016 - Hawke's Bay Champs Round 1 125cc. At end of Race 2 a thunder storm with winds, rain, hail and lightening hit the track. The track suddenly changed and all got wet and slippery. A few corners before the finish flag, while in 4'th, Vinny crashes and injures his right arm. At the hospital we get the good news: No broken bones! But arm is swollen and Vinny will be out of racing for a few weeks until he can put pressure on the arm again. We were back racing in 3 weeks.

June 2017 - NI Secondary School MX Champs Patetonga. Competitive 15-16yo 125cc. At first jump on last lap in Race 2, while in 3'rd, Vinnys left hand slips off grip for a split second just before the jump. Vinny ends up out of balance and crashes the bike to the left in to tyres. He is OK apart from a very sore left arm and vrist. He does not complete Race 2 or race the last race and finishes 8'th. After X-ray we find that no broken bones but soft tissue inury. After 2 weeks of rest he is back racing.

July 2017 - Taupo Winter Series Round 4, 15-16yo 125cc. The temperature over night had been below zero degrees and for the practice there was still ice and frost on the track with the ground very hard. Vinny liked the feel of the hard ground and wanted to push it a little (against advise at the briefing...). On landing a jump his front wheel hit ice and he crashed. Scrapes, a bloody elbow and a sore right wrist was his reward. Vinny raced all 3 races, but only circulated to gain whatever points he could. Back in Hawke's Bay we went to the hospital and were glad that the x-ray did show no broken bones. The sore wrist kept him off the bike for 2 weeks, 

August 2017 - Pukekohe SandPrix, National 125cc. In the last race of the w/e Vinny crashes in a corner and gets stuck under the bike. He gets up but has a very sore foot. He races the race and comes 11'th (and last). His foot is bruised and hurts He will take the next w/e off and return for HB Champs on first w/e of September. 


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