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2015 January - June Racing

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Taupo Winter Series Round 3.

28 June 2015


Vinny was sick. He had a chest infection and lacked energy on Saturday. When I woke him up early on Sunday to check if we were going to Taupo he said yep, we are going.


It had been cold in the hills and we found 2 cars in the ditch and a couple of others left on the side of the road. There was still some black ice but by now we know the danger spots, so all well.


After practice Vinny came back and was in a bad state. He had problems breathing and spitting out phlegm. I told him it was OK if he did not ride. But after some flue medication and a rest he was ready for Race1.


There were quite a few 'left over' riders from the Battle of the Clubs that had been held the day before at the track. Riders who normally would not ride at Taupo took the opportunity to race. In Vinnys 12-14 125cc class there was 5-6 of them but they would not count in the points.


We were here to keep Vinnys points going, but also to try and sort Vinnys starts. With his motor been rebuilt and new clutch also fitted I was hoping for an improvement.


In Race 1 Vinny had an OK start, but far from good. He battled with a couple of riders the whole race and officially placed 5'th, but crossed the finish line in 9'th from 15 riders.


Race 2 started better and Vinny was in approx 5'th at the holeshot before he eased up a little. He was battling with same riders and managed to beat one of them (Cam who is in the points) to finish officially 4'th by crossing the line in 7'th.


For Race 3 he started to feel quite OK and wanted to beat both riders he had been battling with. He had his best start and was ahead of them from the start to finish officially 4'th and crossing the line in 6'th.


With Hayden and Max missing from the starting line-up Vinny climbed to 3'rd in the series. We don't expect him to finish that high, but the 5'th we are aiming for is looking like a possibility!


Hawke's Bay Taylor Magic Series Round 3

14 June 2015, Valley Rd Hastings


We had been to one practice at Valley Rd on the 125, but this would be Vinnys first time racing here in the 12-16yo 125/250cc class. Vinny did not ride in Round 1 (injury) and was sitting in 7'th after Round 2. Our aim was to climb one spot to 6'th after today.


Nice and sunny weather and a well prepped track was what the club gave us for the day. Some wind, but with 18 degrees in the sun, we had no issues.


Practice went well and we were hoping for a better than middle finish in the group of 13 riders that lined up for Race 1, a few of them without transponders. We stuffed up the start. Somehow we were just not awake and even forgot to engage the newly fitted holeshot device. And I even missed videoing the start... Vinnys start was poor and he was 8'th at the holeshot. He quickly climbed up to 7'th sitting behind Calvin but just could not find a way past. On the 2'nd to last lap he grabbed a handful and managed, at last, to pass for 6'th. He quickly pulled away, but it was now far too late to catch Hayden who was in 5'th.


A better start in Race 2, but still not good enough (we figured out afterwards that the clutch had started slipping and we needed new fibre plates...). Vinny was again sitting behind Calvin but this time in 6'th. He passed on lap 2 and started working on Hayden who was approx 7 seconds ahead of him. Some places Vinny was faster but others Hayden had the advantage and their lap times stayed almost the same every lap. Vinny finished in 5'th.


For Race 3 the plan was to hang on to Hayden early and then try to pass... But all that fell apart when we noticed that Vinnys bike suddenly had a flat rear tyre. With no spare wheel and not enough time to replace the tube Vinny went out to secure some points. He did 4 laps (others did 6 laps) and secured an 8'th placing as Lachlan also just circulated and a few did not start.


Hadleigh is leading the series, 2'nd is Lachlan, Jacob 3'rd and Oliver 4'th. Vinny now sits in 5'th in the series with 2 rounds to go. Can we climb up to 4'th???


On another note, I am fitting a new big-end, conrod, main bearings, piston and a set of clutch plates in the bike for the coming w/e... Should help with the starts!


North Island Mini TT Champs.

6-7 June 2015. Manawatu. 125cc/250cc 12-16yo Juniors


Last year Vinny rode in the NZ Mini TT, so we had an idea what this would be like. But we were not prepared for the soggy track and how it would surprise even the best of riders. (And I was so glad I had decided to bring the water-blaster and my 500 litre drum of water!!!)


Saturday was fine and apart from a quick shower at close to end of day it was an OK day. But as there had been heaps of rain in the weeks prior the ground was soggy.


The Manawatu-Orion MCC had set out a track with some fast straights, tight turns and heaps of space to pick your line on a flat paddock.


Vinnys class had 18 riders initially, but this dvindled as day one went on. Blown motors, burnt clutches and tired riders were some of the reasons. This was the same in most classes. Some had more than half of the riders pulling off. But the lowest the 125cc/250cc class got to was 11 on the starting line (Race 3 on day one).


Day One
In Race 1 Vinny wanted to se where he fitted in. He had an OK start but got sprayed with mud and dirt. He slowed down a fraction and settled in to his own race. He had one crash and finished 14'th.


For Race 2 the track was already very chewed up with some deep ruts in places. Vinny had decided to stay on the side of the track where there still was some grass and good tracktion. But the way the track was setup he would have to cross the track many times to follow the plan. This worked but was very time consuming. And with 3 crashes he finished in 13'th.


In Race 3 Vinny just wanted to finish the race and not crash out. So he settled in to last and carefully selected his lines. He placed 11'th and last as by now the field of 18 had lost 7 riders.


When taking count of the first day we agreed that it had been hard work and as Vinny has very little experience on soggy dirt tracks he had struggled to find a rythm. But he felt confident that for Day 2 he could increase the speed.


Day Two.
The club had changed the track and removed the worst bits. It was a little shorter track but also more suitable for racing.

In Race 4 Vinny had an OK start and stayed ahead of a few riders. His speed was clearly higher and he did not only ride on the outside. This looked promising and he finished 11'th.


Race 5 had 13 riders and for Vinny this was his best race. His speed had increased and he had a good tussle with three other riders. He again finished 11'th and this time beat two riders. This places Vinny in 10'th at the Championship.

Vinny also won the 50% off coaching by Target MX and of a new seat cover by CFX Seats. So all in all we were happy with the weekend. It had been hard work for Vinny (and for me washing the bike after every race...) but he had learnt heaps re racing in soggy mud.


This class was won by Camden Butler with Tony Cvitanovich 2'nd and Adam Moss 3'rd.

(Sorry re long video. But I think it will be appreciated by the riders and also the ones interested in the class)



Hawke's Bay MCC Alexander Electric Junior 125/250cc 1.5hour series

Round 3 (Final) 31 May 2015


Vinny was sitting in shared 3'rd place after Round 2. He won the 125/250 class in Round 2, but as we missed Round 1 others had more points.


Both junior classes (85cc and 125/250cc) would start together but be scored separately.


Vinny again was slow in the start and was approx 15'th at the first corner. As per last time Jacob went to the lead straight away and kept the lead for the whole 1.5 hous. Ollie was in second and Vinny had plans to beat him this time. Vinny soon passed all others and was sitting in 3'rd working on catching Ollie.


But when overtaking a slower rider Vinny picked a wider line and the frontwheel dropped down in a ditch hard. He hit his groin badly and was in pain. (most males knows that pain...) He told me afterwards that he was very close to pulling off. But he kept riding and now just focused on leading his class. As a result Ollie was now able to pull away.


After the only pit-stop for fuel he started to feel a little better. And as the grass had also by now dried the riding became easier for Vinny. He was slowly catching Ollie again, but did run out of time.


Vinny came 3'rd overall after Jacob and Ollie this day, but as they were both riding in the 85cc class Vinny won the 125/250cc class in this round.


At the Price Giving we found that Vinny had enough points to come 2'nd in his class. A good result that we were happy with.
But Vinny was not as pleased with his speech. It is a while since he last stood on the podium, so he was a little rusty. But he managed to remember all his sponsors and with some work he will again have that sorted.


Our plan for Queens Birthday Monday had been to travel to Manawatu and ride in ther QB TT in preparation for next w/e's NI TT Champs there. But we decided to rest Vinny's sore groin.


Taupo Winter Series Round 2 24 May 2015


We had contemplated to drive to New Plymouth on Friday to ride in the NZSS MX Champs on Saturday (postoned from last w/e) where Vinny was entered in the Y9 class. The idea was to then drive up to Taupo to race in Round 2 of the Winter Series on Sunday. But it all would have been a stretch too much. So we dropped the NP racing and focused on Taupo.


A chilly day with some wind but no rain was what we got. Saturday the rain had flooded parts of the track, but come Sunday there was only a few puddles on the start-straight. And even they disappered quickly leaving a top notch track. (There was also a couple big puddles over the start gates, this allowed me to go back to my childhood and happily dig small trenches to drain the water from them. I was considering making a small boat that could have floated down the small river, byt Vinny told me it was not a good idea... )


Vinny had a good look at the track in practice and felt he knew what to do in the races. We had our goals clear:
- Get closer to the riders just ahead. (Sam and Hunter)
- Have fun
- Complete three good races
- Don't get lapped
Sadly we only managed 2 out of the 4 today.


Considering that there was many cancellations at other tracks this day we were surprised to find that the field was smaller than Round 1 a month ago.


In Race 1 Vinnys start was poor and he was approx 8'th. He then crashed while riding a inside rut in a corner. He stayed down for some time, but in the end got back on the bike and finished the race one lap down. (Here the two goals we did not manage today: Three good races and don't get lapped)


We spent some time trying to figure out what went wrong but it was hard to pinpoint. So we agreed on a little more agression and better focus for Race 2. This worked and Vinny rode much better and finished 6'th.


In Race 3 he had his best start and kept 6'th for the whole race. This gave Vinny enough points to climb up one spot in the results to 6'th in the series with 4 rounds to go. But the most encouraging was that he cut down the time he was behind the riders infront of him from 8 seconds/lap to 4 seconds/lap in Race 2 and 3!

Wanganui Winter Series Round 1 goes to plan! 17 May 2015


The idea had been to ride in the NISSMX Champs in New Plymouth on Saturday and then here in Wanganui on Sunday. But sadly NP was postponed as a result of too much rain. So we only had one day of racing this w/e.


We came here with clear goals:
- Complete 3 robust races
- Not to be lapped
- Sort the whoops at the finish line
- Have fun.
Once again we are pleased to inform that Vinny achieved this and more.


(Vinny told me he had figured out why I was always requesting 3 completed races these days and why I am asking him to not take too many risks... He has realised that the plan is to make this the norm so when we start pushing the limits (and beyond) he is used to completing 3 races... The reality is that we get much more riding done this way than when he is injured...)


A very nice day in Wanganui with sunshine from Race 2 onwards. There were 24 riders lining up for the Junior 12-16yo 125cc/250cc class so it would be crowded in the first turn...


In Race 1 it looked, for a split second, like Vinny was going to get the holeshot, but he slowed down a fraction and was approx 5'th at the first corner. Max and Hayden were soon at the front and Vinny slotted in to the middle of the pack. He raced well and officially placed 7'th (TBC).


Vinnys start in Race 2 was not as good and he found himself in approx 18'th place after the start. He then started the climb up and officially finished 9'th (TBC).


Race 3 was an OK start and Vinny soon slotted in to fight with the same riders as before. After another strong race he placed 7'th. (TBC).


The Wanganui track is one of Vinny's favourite ones and after only doing part of the last two years Winter Series, we will this year complete all four rounds aiming for a top five finish. But even if that would be nice it is not part of this years main goals. We are here for Vinny to become a faster and more secure rider and then in 2016 fight for podiums.


HBMCC Taylor Corp. Magic Series Round 2. 11 May 2015

Vinny missed Round 1 with an injured elbow, but he was not going to miss this round as it was held on the new Ngaruroro Raceway that he has taken a liking to. We have had a couple of practices here but only one race meeting (the rainy opening of the track last year). So this was to be the real test for the track.


Heaps of work has gone in to this track by a dedicated group of club members and if this day was anything to go by, it has all been worth it!


Vinnys 12-16yo 125/250 class had 15 riders with a few from outside HB coming here to test the track. One of them was current 13-16yo 85cc NZ Champion Maximus Purvis who has now moved up to 125cc. Maximus was unstoppable and won all three races.


After less than 2 months of riding the 125cc we are still gaining experience. Today our goals were:
- Have fun
- Don't get lapped
- Complete three solid races
- Complete at least one more tabletop and double and make it stick.
I am glad to say that Vinny achieved all of them!


Vinnys starts need work, but today it did not matter. In all three races he was close to the back of the group at the holeshot and then worked his way up.


In Race 1 Vinny jumped the double in front of the pits once but found that the loose dirt made it tricky so he left that one to next time. He was keeping up with #110 Hayden Long on a 250cc but never got close enough to pass and finished 8'th.


In Race 2 he upped the tempo a little and placed 6'th. He also got closer to Hayden but still needed just that little more to be able to pass. Vinny had also started to jump the doubles at the back of the track and complete a few more table tops. Encouraging!


In Race 3 he got a very poor start as one of his blocks went missing 5 seconds before the start snatched by an over-eager helper (it was Mothers Day so we forgive you...). Vinny then worked his way up and on last lap managed to finally pass Hayden and place 4'th. See him raise his arm at the finishline as a "Yesss.. I did it!" This gave Vinny a total of 46 points for the day and he is sitting in shared 6'th place in the Magic Series.


We are far from ready to fight for top placings at this stage, but at every race meeting we set goals that are achievable and then Vinny will add one or two more. And today his own main one became to pass Hayden. Well done!

Hawke's Bay MCC Junior 1.5h MX Round 2

After a week of practice we figured this would be a good low-key event to race in. (We had missed Round 1 and would not be here for Round 3) The sun was out over the natural terrain on a farm 30 minutes outside Hastings where the club had prepared a nicely flowing track that would take approx 4 minutes per lap. We would also, hopefully, be able to see some other HNHS boys in action!


Vinny had struggled with Le Mans type starts, so this time he had a plan: He placed the bike on a slight slope so that the r/h side (from where he jumps on) was closer to the ground. And he had also asked me to lean the bike a little to the same side. This all went well. But he had not thought it thru as now the l/h side was further from the ground and he was struggling to keep his foot on the ground while kick-starting...


Vinny got going approx 15'th in a group of around 20 riders of different abilities (and bikes from 65cc to 250cc). Up front Jacob had quickly established a lead, that he would keep (and extend) the whole race. Jacobs brand new Kawasaki 85cc had been stolen a few weeks ago just before NZ Junior Champs. His dad had now replaced the Kawa with a Yamaha 85cc (two actually...). But this was no average Yamaha. This bike had a multitude of upgrades and "go fast" bits fitted and in Jacobs hands it became a rocket ship!


Afetr Lap 1 Vinny was in 4'th place. At end of lap 2 he was in 3'rd and quickly sat on Ollie’s back wheel trying to pass. He soon did this and was planning the chase to catch Jacob. But Ollie had other ideas. Only 2 corners after Vinny had passed him he went on the inside and T-boned Vinny. Vinny got back racing in 4'th and had it all to do again. He quickly climbed up to 3'rd. But with a head filled of anger and urgency he was not thinking on the racing and crashed down a slope. 5 minutes later he emerged with a sore knee, a headache and a chin bruised and scratched.


There was 1h and 15 minutes to go and Vinny kept on racing. But he never managed to catch up to Ollie again and we think he finished approx 5'th in the field.


Afterwards we turned it all in to a positive. To ride with a head filled with anger is not a good state to be in as it will affect the ability to think clearly and focus on the racing. So we have now agreed that if a similar situation would araise again he will ride just a fraction slower until his head is clear and he can fully focus on the riding and not on revenge... After all it is better to loose a few seconds for a couple of laps than five minutes from another crash...

Taupo Winter Series Round 1

At last! We had been hanging out for this. This is Vinny's favorite track. And even if we live in HB it feels like a hometrack for us here. This is Vinnys first year on a 125cc bike at Taupo and his 6'th year racing here! The weather was fine and warm, the track was perfect (and to Vinnys delight the sawdust section was back!).


Vinny had been back on the bike 2 days, before today, after a month off nursing his elbow injury. Our plan today was simple:
- Complete all three races.
- Don't get lapped!
- Have fun.
Anything else we achieved would be a bonus.


For Race 1 12 riders lined up. There was a selection of current NZ top riders in the mix:

Maximus Purvis Current #1 13-16yo 85cc,
Reece Lister Current #2 12-14yo 125cc,
Hayden Smith Current #2 13-16yo 85cc,
James Scott Current #3 13-16yo 85cc (No transponder),
Hunter Miller Current #4 11-12yo 85cc,
Max Heffren Current #4 12-14yo 125cc,
And also tough to beat:
Sam Davies Current #12 12-14yo 125cc
Cam Wash Current #13 12-14yo 125cc


Vinny was about 8'th at the holeshot corner. Maximus, Reece, Hayden, James and Max soon had a gap to the rest. Then Sam and Cam. Vinny was battling with Cole Dalley (No transponder). At start of last lap he passed Cole and it all looked good. But two corners before the end Vinny dropped the bike and Cole passed him. Vinny officially placed 7'th as James and Cole had elected not to ride with transponders.


Before Race 2 we had a good look at where Vinny crashed and agreed on a wider line for him to take. This worked really well and there was no more crashes the whole day!


Race 2 saw more riders join in from 85cc classes and suddenly there was 15 riders on the starting line. The womens class had also been added, but they would start a little later in a split start. There was a similar pattern with Cole and Vinny again having their own race in the race. Cole took the lead, but Vinny had started to jump both doubles, the whole tabletop after the start and also the Dam jump plus adding air at most other jumps too. This soon paid dividend and he passed Cole and finished 5 seconds ahead of him. But as Hunter was now also racing, Vinny officially placed 8'th.


At the start of Race 3 Zak Jillings (who had also joined from the 13-16 85cc class for some more riding) crashed heavily while just ahead of Vinny, but luckily he managed to stay away from it all. Vinny had his best start and ended up riding alone most of the race. As a result he slowed down a little and the Womens top rider, Emma Davis, started to close up on the last lap. Once Vinny noticed this he turned on the throttle and managed to pull away and officially placed 7'th.


After Round 1 Vinny sits in 7'th place. We are OK with that at this stage. The idea is to climb up the ladder as the series goes on. But for today we achieved all we came for and more. And we already know what next rounds goals are!


A top day at the track!


Thanks to our sponsors who have stood by our side through the last six months of injuries and doubt:
MOTOZ Dirt Tyres
Motocrossvest NZ
Broxy Rider Coaching


We are back!

Friday 20 March 2015. Rotorua Secondary School Champs 2015.


We missed the last year of Vinny's Intermediate School Champs in Rotorua as he was injured and this year was Vinny's first here as a High School student.


Vinny has had some injuries at beginning of this year and only really has had one month to get used to the 125cc. Much bigger bike, heavier and with more power will take little longer to get fully comfy with. But we came feeling confident that as long as nothing went wrong he could manage a middle-of-the pack result.


Vinny was racing in the 13-14yo 125cc/14yo 250cc class. There were 44 registered for the Expert class. 4 of them would be relegated to novice after qualifying. Vinny managed 19'th in qualifying, so goal one achieved; NOT to be relegated to Novice Class!


Vinny had a very poor start in Race 1 (his feet were a fraction too short to reach down, so he ended up using one foot and went a little sideways at the start). He was sitting in 19'th and tried a pass, but it went wrong and the two riders tangled. Vinny got back up in 35'th and chased hard to finish in 25'th.


Race 2 saw Vinny start only a fraction better. He soon settled in to middle of the group and made some passes to finish in 20'th.


For Race 3 we were looking for a better start and a few spots higher finish. But the race was very much a copy of Race 2 and another 20'th was Vinnys result.


Trent Collins was unstoppable and won all three races with a good margin. HB boy Hadleigh Griffiths managed second before Max Hefferen in third. Top school was Fielding High School with Hauraki Plains College second and Te Puke High in third.


We achieved what we came for and are happy about having 3 completed and solid races behind us to build on. The bike has so much more potential that we will tap in to as Vinny gets more comfortable, and as long as all is on track we are next year aiming for a top five placing here!


We have also decided not to race in St Pauls School Champs in Huntly next w/e or at NZ Junior Champs in middle of April as there is much more work to be done before Vinny can start to challenge for top placings. We don’t think the cost to travel for minor placings is justified. We will do a few complete Winter Series and local racing, but much of the time will be spent working on Vinnys riding technique with the aim of top results in 2016 (when Vinny still will be in same class)

Central HB 1H Junior MX. Saturday 7 March.


60 K's of backroads (with last 10K's on gravel) and we found the natural terrain track the club had marked out. It was a track with nice flow, some tricky parts and heaps of space.


Sadly only 5 juniors had turned up. Was it that on Saturday the families had other activities or perhaps that it was too far to travel? No idea. We focus on racing and for us this was 'just down the road'.


The riders had to run to the bikes, kickstart and get going. Vinny struggled a little and got going last. After lap 1 he was in 3'rd, after lap 3 he was in second and working on catching Ben. There was a gap of approx 15 seconds that fluctuated a little, but Vinny did not get any closer. After his only fuel stop the gap became 25 seconds (Ben never stopped for fuel and we need to figure out if the 125 has enough in the tank for a one hour race).


A couple of laps later Vinny was ready to lap the rider in 3'rd, but got a little too eager and crashed. He was struggling to get the bike up and got help from another rider (THANKS Max!) who stopped to help! The carby had flooded and it took Vinny some time before he got back and by then he had lost 1 1/2 laps and was now in 3'rd where he finished. (As there was two classes Vinny officially finished 2'nd in the 125-250 junior class).


Clearly a little disappointing. But as we currently are focusing on riding and more riding to get Vinny familiar with the KTM 125sx we still achieved what we came for.


King Of The Mountain, 17 January 2015

This was Vinny's final 85cc race and also his first 125cc race. We had quiet hopes that he could place in top five in the 85cc 12-13yo class. But in the 12-14yo 125cc class we were only looking for experience.

Vinny only got one transponder that we had to swap between the 85cc and 125cc bike. But of some reason this caused issues for the organisers and it took the practice and two races before they got their head around this...

The 125cc class only had 8 riders lining up. That was fine for us as it would mean less pressure. In Race 1 Vinny started slowly on his 125cc bike, but increased the speed after a lap. He was 7'th after lap 1 and 6'th after lap 2. That is where he finished, and we were OK with that.

For Race 2 Vinny wanted to use his 85cc bike as he felt he would have a better chance. When we looked at his lap times they were almost identical on the 125 and 85. I questioned his logic, but he went out on the 85cc. It was soon clear that what he gained in familiarity he lost in power and he initially had to work hard to sit in 7'th. Then two frontrunners crashed and suddenly he was in 5'th. On lap 3 he was gunning for 4'th, but got pushed wide and crashed finishing 5'th. As a result of the crash in the 85cc race (see below) he was not able to race the final race.

The 85cc class had 22 riders entered but ony 17 lined up. Vinny had an OK start in Race 1 and was in 5'th. But early on lap 1 he went too wide in a corner and crashed. He got back up in last and had to work hard and do a bunch of passes for the 8'th place he got.

In Race 2 he was eager to show that he belonged in the top group. He was 4'th after the start with Brody and James again leading. He lost one place and was sitting in 5'th when both leaders crashed (Brody got a DNF but James came back and won the race). This put Vinny temporarily in 3'rd and he decided to double the whoops, to gain some ground, even if they were getting quite tricky (as the two in front of him, Kenny and Carlin, did not do this). Sadly a wrong decision as it resulted in the crash that ended his day. 

After some time in the ambulance we watched the last races of his two classes only able to wonder what could have been. Vinny placed 17'th in the 85cc class (with only Race 1 completed) and 7'th in the 125cc class (Race 1 and 2 completed) as a result.

Once again we had to swollow the bitter pill of Vinny not racing to his potential. This has been a ongoing thing in the last 6 months. We think we have identified some of the issues:
- Vinny had become too big and heavy for his 85cc and we really needed a new set of fork springs for him to race to his potential. But as we knew that he would very soon move to 125cc we lived with this.
- A new fitness and strength programme will start as soon as his sore foot is OK getting Vinny ready for the 125cc racing.
- There are no MX practice tracks in Hawke's Bay resulting in our weekly travels around the country to race. But we have realised that this is not the solution. So from now on we will cut down on the racing and spend more time at practice tracks in other regions. With Manawatu having three of them we think it is a good place to start.
- We need to focus on the small details in Vinnys riding. This means more Broxy coaching in 2015!

2015 will be a year where we focus on fitness and strength, MX practice and coaching, making sure the 125 is properly set up for Vinny and when we try to tie together all the loose ends so that we have a complete package. Will we be able to achieve this? Let's see at 2016 KOTM!!

Here the two videos:


85cc 12-13yo

125cc 12-14yo





Patetonga Champs, 10 Jan 2015

We came looking for more racing time and a decent placing, but main focus was to get a meeting together where all three races went well and where Vinny could be proud of his racing. Sadly we are still looking for that.

In Race 1 Vinny had an OK start and was sitting in middle of the pack. After a half lap he was taken out in a corner and crashed hard on his hand. He limped to the end of lap one but then pulled off for a DNF with a very painful left hand. In the ambulance his hand was put on ice and taped up, plus he was given painkillers.

Vinny went out for Race 2, but with the pain and taped up hand we could only expect more race time. Vinny was cautious in the start and also when riding, not taking any chances and he placed 16'th.

For Race 3 the painkillers and ice had started to work and Vinny did ride a little harder, but still holding back.

He placed 14'th.

With a DNF, 16'th and 14'th Vinny placed 16'th in the champs.

This was his second-to-last 85cc race meeting and he is really looking forward to moving up to 125! In fact, at this w/e's King Of The Mountain he will ride in 12-13 85cc and 12-14 125cc. Will be very interesting to see what class works better for him!

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