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2020 Wairarapa MX Champs

10 - 11 October

This was a 2 day Champs on two different tracks.

Day 1

Saturday was Flat Track day just outside Carterton. The track was well laid out and there was technical areas plus full-on racing ones. We had entered Vinny in MX2. He is not ready for full on MX2 racing yet, but we felt that here he would be ok. And we were found to be right.

In Race 1 Vinny was sitting in 11'th of the 16 riders. In Lap 2 he climbed one spot, but then dropped the bike in a corner on the hard and dusty surface. He got up quickly, but not before two riders passed him. He soon passed one of them, but even if he was on the back wheel of the other one he could not do anything about him and finished 11'th.

Before Race 2 we did some changes to the bike to get more power to the ground and it worked well. Vinny was 7'th after the start but soon climbed to 6'th and had no problems keeping that spot to the end.

The idea had been to run three rounds on the Flat Track. But the dust got soo bad that the pin was pulled after all classes had done 2 rounds. After 2 races Vinny was in 8'th overall.

Day 2

Next day it was MX racing on the Wairarapa "Boneyard" track. We had been here a few times before and always liked the track and the experience. And with the major developments of the track we were looking forward to the racing!

In practice Vinny qualified in 7'th.


Race 1 had to have two goes to start as one rider was to eager and got tangled in the rubber cord used for starting. This happened on the other side of the starters box from Vinny and for a moment Vinny believed he took the holeshot and had the lead... that was before all riders were stopped and asked to go for a re-start. At the second go Vinny again did well and was 4'th at the holeshot. At end of Lap 1 he was in 7'th but then dropped one more spot. In the last two laps he made a few minor mistakes that cost him two more spots and he finished in 10'th.

Before Race 2 we again did adjustments to the bike that made a big difference for Vinny. He was 6'th after the start, a position he held until the bike started to missfire on the 4'th lap. This dropped him to 9'th at the end.

We tried to sort the issue before the 3'rd race and almost believed we had managed the fix, only to have the bike start misfiring at the start. So Vinny came back in to the pits and we had to settle for a DNS and a 11'th overall. This was not a disaster as we came here for racing and to find out if Vinny is ready for MX2 racing. And he proved that he is up to it!

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