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Te Awamutu MCC Round 5
11 July 2021

This time we raced 15 minutes outside Kihikihi in Pukeatua on a practice track at a private property. A short track where a lap took approx one minute. A fraction tight for senior riders, but the juniors and mini's would have loved their day!

We had fitted new reeds to the 150SX and were ready for racing! But we both forgot that the gearbox had started giving problems at last race meeting!

Vinny went out in practice to make himself familiar with the track. "Short but cool" was his comment. And the gearbox issues showed their ugly head with gears not staying in and being hard to select!

In Race 1 Vinny did not get a good start and came out in approx 25'th from the 35 or so riders in the MX1/MX2 combined racing. As the race went on his riding was erratic and he made some strange errors where he would slow down and not find the gears.

Vinny tried, but the gearbox was not playing a fair game. So he only managed 8'th in MX2 out of 11 pointed riders. This was not what we were here for, so admitting defeat to the ailing bike we packed up and went back home.

Time to take motor apart and sort the gearbox!

Sorry, no video of the racing this time! The video camera must have known that Vinny's riding would not be worth recording this time as it went missing and even if we both looked for it the camera was nowhere to be found. But as we got back to the pits after the race, we found it on the floor in front of the passenger seat in the van!

We will be back for next round with a sorted gearbox and with the camera safely in a place we can easily find it!

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