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Central HB Club Day Round 3

18 October 2020

On a nice sunny day we went to south of Waipukurau to race on natural terrain. Vinny was adamant that he would ride MX3. I felt the "Unders" class (MX2) was a better fit. But he argued that MX3 was for him as he did not want the seriousness that came with "Unders". As points are only awarded in the 3'rd (last) race we would have time to figure out where he belonged.

We had written down the race schedule for all the different classes, but as a result of there only being six "Overs" (MX1) riders they were put together with the "Unders" in a split start. So the MX3 class came up one race too early for us and we missed the start by one lap. Vinny joined in when the others were lapping their first lap. This gave him a boost and he was passing riders every lap! But no idea where he placed.

In Race 2 Vinny also raced MX3. But as result of being on time for the start we could see where he was placed. Initially he was in 2'nd, but before Lap 1 was done he was in the lead and created a good gap to the rider in 2'nd place. When Vinny started catching up with the slowest riders he reduced his speed as he had by now figured out that perhaps MX3 was not for him... and he did not feel it was right for him to rob them of one lap (as if he had passed them they would have gotten one lap shorter race...). To his credit he stopped at the chequered flag (after having won the race) and told the organisers that he would race in "Unders" for the points race.

Back in the pits we had a good discussion about Vinny's dilemma. He was not interested in full on competitive racing in "Unders" but realised that he was far too good for MX3. As he has not done any training for MX this year (and most probably will not do any) he lives on the talent he has built up in 12 years of racing and is good enough to race in "Unders" even if he does not want to compete in that class.
My solution is simple: Start training so you get to the same level as the top "Unders" riders and the fun will come back. But when I mention that I only get a disliking look from Vinny.

So he went out in "Unders" on his 2013 150sx. 13 other riders on 250 4 stroke bikes lined up for that class and they started after the "Overs" six riders had done approx half a lap. Initially Vinny was in top 4, but then dropped to 6'th. I could see that he was not giving all he had and happily was sitting a little back from the rider in 5'th. As the 7'th rider was far back there was no need to push and he finished in 6'th.

But we will have to solve this dilemma. As mentioned, my solution is to do some work on the fitness and riding skills, then take aim at the top rider in the class (as I feel confident he could do that!). But I think I will have a hard time trying to convince Vinny.

If we only could find a decent practice track we could use a couple of days in the week I think we could get Vinny to find the spark he seems to have lost. So if you who read this know of any place where we could go riding in middle of the week in HB please let us know!! A small fee is OK!! (As the tracks we know of where we could practice are all 2 hours away (Wairoa, Taupo, Manawatu, Paeroa)

EDIT: We have found a track! Let's see if we can find Vinny's mojo!

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