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Vinny's Results

This page holds links to results from Vinny's meetings (where results are published)

(Please click on the meeting and results will open in a separate window)


3-4 April 2021, New Zealand TT, Clubman/MX3

Day 1. Two races where Vinny placed 7'h and 5'th placing him 5'th overall after Day 1.

Day 2. Front brake broke in practice. Vinny did not ride in Race 3. For Race 4 and 5 we dismantled the front brake and Vinny went out just for fun and was riding at the back digging in to the burms. He raced to 15'th and 16'th giving him a total of 41 points and placed 13'th overall.




10-11 October. 2020. Wairarapa Champs MX2

Day 1 Flat Track. We did some adjustments to the bike and that helped. The track got so dusty you struggled to see the riders!

After Day 1 Vinny was in 8'th overall.

Day 2 MX. We love this track, and with the improvements it has gotten even better! Vinny raced to 10'th and 9'th. Bike started missfiring in Race 2 and we did not manage to fix the issue before the last race. So Vinny finished in 11'th overall. We are happy with that in a MX2 class!!

3-4 October 2020. 2020 NZ TT Clubman/MX3

We had no idea how this would go. But Vinny raced well and placed 6'th overall after very consistent racing!

27 September 2020. Taupo Winter Series Final Standings MX3

We missed the last round (Round 4). But Vinny had enough points to place 7'th in the series.

28 June 2020. Taupo Winter Series MX3

First race back after 9 months off. Vinny took it easy and seldon went over 1/2 throttle. But he wants to come back, and that is good!


4-5 May 2019. NZ Miniature TT. Clubman

First year here as senior Vinny decided he rather ride Clubman with 30 riders than 125cc with only 4 other riders. He finished 15'th overall.


8 March 2019. Tauranga MCC School MX 15 - 19yo 125cc.

In his final school year Vinny races to three 5'th placings here, but it is only enough for a 6'th overall in a field of 22 riders.




April - October 2018. Cambridge Winter Series 15-16yo 125cc

We entered this series in preparation for NZ School Champs. Vinny only raced the 2 first rounds (of 5). As result he finished 6'th overall. 


19 August 2018. Pukekohe MCC Sand Prix 15-16yo 125cc

Sand racing requires fitness and stamina that was missing. After 5'th in qualifying Vinny raced to 10'th, 16'th and 10'th for 11'th overall.

18 August 2018. Bay of Plenty/Trident Interschool MX, 15-18yo 125cc

After a good practice and fast start, a crash that Vinny never recouped from and raced to a 12'th, 12'th and 11'th for a 11'th overall


April - August 2018. Hawke's Bay MCC Magic Series, Junior 125/250cc

Vinny had bike troubles for most of the series and where he should have picked up good points it went wrong. In the end he placed 3'rd


14 July 2018. New Zealand Secondary School MX Champs, Cambridge 15-19yo 125cc

All went well, but Vinny struggled to get good results and raced to a 11'th, 11'th and 8'th for a 12'th overall.


24 June 2018. Cambridge MCC Winter Series Round 2. 15-16yo 125cc

Vinny races well and takes a win in Race 1, a 2'nd in Race 2 with a sick bike and a DNF in Race 3 as the bike gives ip on the last lap.


3 June 2018. East Coast Flat Track Championships, 12-16 Junior 125/250

Over two days on the 2012 bike Vinny races to 5 wins from 5 and takes the top podium.


13 May 2018. Hawke's Bay Magic Series Round 2. Junior 125/250f

On a wet and slippery ytack Vinny only goes out to pick up points and places 8'th and 7'th and now sits 5'th overall.


5-6 May 2018. New Zealand Miniature TT, 12 - 16 Juniors 125cc/250ccf

After the 2016 bike (once again) refuses to perform properly Vinny races the 2012 bike to 11'th, 9'th, 11'th, 10'th, 10'th for a 10'th overall


22 April 2018. Canbridge MCC Winter Series Round 1, 15-16yo 125cc

A blown bike meant a DNF in Race 1. Then riding the 2012 KTM 125 Vinny managed a 8'th and a 7'th sitting in 7'th after Round 1.

8 April 2018. Hawke's Bay Magic Series Round 1, Junior 125cc/250ccf

With bike issues Vinny races to 7'th, 7'th and 5'th to sit on 7'th after Round 1

6 April 2018. Tauranga MCC School MX, Expert 15-19yo 125cc

A day of good safe riding by Vinny where he places 9'th, 9'th and 10'th for a 9'th overall of 25 riders.


17 March 2018. Rotorua Secondary School Champs. Expert 15 - 18yo 125cc

Not the results we came looking for, but a good day of racing withouth incidents.

Vinny races to a 19'th, 19'th and 18'th for 20'th overall in a field of 35 riders.


20 - 21 January 2018. King of the Mountain New Plymouth. Junior 15-16 125cc and National 125cc

Vinny struggles the whole w/e and is just not fast enough! He placed 13'th, 13'tn and 14'th to get a 14'th overall in Junior 15-16 125cc

In National 125cc it got worse and Vinny raced to 21'st, 21'st and 17'th for a 21'st overall.



30 December 2017. SummerX Awakaponga Bay of Plenty. Youth 15 - 21yo 125/250ccf

As tough as yesterday but Vinny soldiered on and finished 22'nd, 25'th and 23'rd for 22'nd in a field of 32 riders.


29 December 2017. SummerX Awakaponga Bay of Plenty Junior 15 - 17yo 125cc

The results were not what we came looking for. Vinny raced to 25'th, 28'th and 17'th for 23'rd overall from 33 riders.


11 November 2017 NZ Secondary School MX Championship, Tokoroa

A crash in the second corner in Race 1 put Vinny in last. He did better in the other races, but effect from the crash lingered.


29 October 2017 final results 2017 HB Champs Junior 125/250 All In

Vinny places 9'th in the Champs after having an average 3 rounds. But it was all about having fun again and it worked!


21 October 2017, MX Fest Taupo. 15-16yo 125cc

In a 23 rider field of who's who in NZ's 15-16yo MX Vinny places 16'th after finishing 16'th, 17'th and 12'th.

20 October 2017, Hauraki Plains College Nailing The Peat 5, Competitive 125cc

Vinny races to a 3'rd equal by finishing 3'rd, 6'th and 2'nd in a field of 24 riders


1 October 2017. Hawke's Bay Champs Round 1. 125/250cc All In

On a loose soil natural terrain track Vinny races to 8'th, 11'th and 17'th for a overall of 11'th. Not what we came for!


15 September 2017. Wairoa School MX. Competitive 125cc

Vinny races to 6'th, 3'rd and 4'th giving him a 4'th equal (5'th on count-back). Together with George and Sam the HNHS MX Team places 3'rd!


3 September 2017. South Waikato MCC Winter Seies Round 5 (final), Junior 125/250 All In

Vinny has bike issues in Race 1 and then looses faith in bike. He places 7'th, 5'th and 6'th for a final 4'th overall in the series.


20 August 2017. Pukekohe SandPrix Seniors. National 125cc

First time riding in this class Vinny manages a creditable 10'th overall riding the 2012 bike by finishing 11'th, 10'th and 11'th.


19 August 2017. Pukekohe SandPrix Juniors. Junior 15-16yo 125cc

On the 2012 bike Vinny races to a 6'th, 5'th and 4'th for a 5'th overall.


18 August 2017. Trident/BOP School MX, Awakaponga Whakatane

15-18 125cc. The 2016 bike seized just after Race 1 so Vinny reverted to the 2012 bike. He placed 7'th, 9'th and 7'th for a 7'th overall.

30 July 2017. Taupo Wnter Series Round 4

Junior 15-16yo 125ccVinny crashes in practice and with a sore throttle hand can only circulate and pick up points placing 16'th, 15'th and 13'th.


23 July 2017. Mighty Manawatu Junior Champs, Foxton

Junior Under 17yo (12-16yo) 125cc. Again issues with the racing bike so Vinny reverts to practice bike and places 10'th, 13'th and 13'th for 12'th overall


2 July 2017. South Waikato MCC Winter Series Round 3, Tokoroa

Junior 125/250. With some bike troubles initially Vinny places 7'th, 5'th and 3'rd and now sits in 3'rd in the series.


24 June 2017. Battle of the Clubs Juniors, Taupo

Junior B Grade, Junior 250ccf. Vinnys team, Taumarunui MCC places 27'th and Vinny races to a 6'th and 8'th in the individual B Grade.


3 June 2017. North Island Secondary School MX Champs, Patetonga

Expert 15-19 125cc. After a 4'th and initially leading Race 2 a podium was in sight. Sadly a crash and a DNS in Race 3 resulted in an 8'th.

28 May 2017. Taupo Winter Series Round 2, Taupo

Junior 125 15-16yo. Vinny rides to a 6'th, 4'th and 5'th.

14 May 2017. Hawke's Bay MCC Magic Series Round 1, Hastings

Junior 125/250. Vinny places 6'th, 8'th and 7'th and is currently in 6'th in the series after the first round.

7 May 2017. South Waikato MCC Winter Series Round 2, Tokoroa

Junior 125/250cc. Vinny places 10'th, 9'th and 7'th for a 9'th on the day and is currently 6'th in the series after 2 rounds.

30 April 3017. Taupo Winter Series Round 1

Junior 15-16yo 125cc. Vinny struggles on the wet track and races to a 10'th, 10'th and 8'th giving him a 10'th overall.

MX3 Senior Support. In a field of 32 riders Vinny places 21'st, 16'th, 14'th for a 16'th overall.

15-16 April 2017. FMX Hawke's Bay East Coast Flat Track Champs

Junior 12-16yo 125cc. Vinny places 5'th, 4'th, 5'th, 4'th, 5'th for a 5'th overall.

Senior Support 250 unders. Vinny places 7'th, 10'th, 4'th, 8'th, 13'th for a 7'th overall.

2 April 2017. South Waikato MCC Winter Series Round 1. Tokoroa

Junior 125/250. Vinny places 8'th. 7'th and 5'th after a crash in Race 1 and a jamming throttle in Race 2.

17 March 2017. Rotorua School MX Champs

15 - 18yo 125cc. With a slipping clutch Vinny places 22'nd (crash), 13'th and 33'rd (flat tyre) for a 22'nd overall

21 January 2017. King Of The Mountain, New Plymouth 15-16yo 125cc

Practice went well but some crashes stopped a good result. Vinny places 14'th after racing to 13, 14 and 15,




2016 Hawke's Bay Champs Junior 125/250cc final results

Vinny places 7'th in a field of 28 riders with one DNF and all 3 races in 3'rd (final round) riding with a very sick bike!


9 October 2016. Hawke's Bay Champs Round 2

Junior 125/250. Vinny sits in 5'th after 2 of 3 rounds completed.

14 August 2016. Hawkes Bay MCC 1.5h MX Round 3, Hastings

Junior 125/250. We missed the 2 first rounds so only came here for some fun riding. Vinny placed 5'th in his class.

12 August 2016. BOP/Trident Inter School Champs, Awakaponga Bay of Plenty

125cc/250ccf 12-14yo. Vinny does OK and has no crashes plus a consistent speed and places 7'th in his class.

31 July 2016. Wairoa Winter Series Round 3, Wairoa

Senior B. After 3 months away with injury Vinny races well, has fastest lap times in his class and places 7'th, 3rd and 1'st.

22-24 March 2016. New Zealand Junior MX Champs. Hastings

12-14yo 125cc. Vinny places 11'th, after crashing out in the final race and breaking his leg.


18 March 2016. Rotorua Secondary School MX Champs

13-14yo 125/250cc.Vinny only completes one race, and that one with an ailing bike. He places 34'th.


24 January 2016. King Of The Mountain, New Plymouth

12-14yo 125cc. Vinny places 6'th. First real test after the 3 months off with injury. A couple of crashes but a good day of riding.


21 January 2016. Wairoa Twilight Series Round 3 (final round)

Senior B. Vinny places 2'nd on the day after racing to a 1'st, 3'rd and 2'nd.

Final standings in the three round Series. Vinny places 2'nd.



27 December 2015. Summer Cross, Whakatane

12-15yo 125cc. Vinny finishes 35'th after a day filled with crashes and a DNS in Race 3.


24 October 2015. MX Fest Taupo

12-14yo 125cc. Vinny crashes in Race 1,  breaks his wrist and gets a DNF.


27 September 2015. Taupo Winter Series Round 6 (final round)

12-14yo 125cc. Vinny has a good day and places 6'th, 5'th and 4'th for 4'th on the day.

Click here for full Taupo Winter Series final standing


19 September 20015. North Island MX Championship Round 2, Hastings

12-14yo 125cc. Vinny climbs one spot and finishes in 5'th.

Click here for full Championship standing


13 September 2015. Rotorua MCC Club Champs Round 1

12-16 125/250cc. Only 9 of the 17 riders were riding for points. Vinny officially placed 8'th, 6'th, 7'th to sit in 6'th after Round 1


30 August 2015. Taupo Winter Series Round 5

12-14yo 125cc. Vinny races to 6'th, 4'th and 4'th and now sits in 4'th in the series with one round to go.


22 August 2015. North Island Junior MX Championship Round 1, Manawatu

12-14yo 125cc. Vinny sits in 6'th after Round 1


14 August 2015. Wanganui Winter series Round 4 (Final Results)

Vinny races to 6'th, 6'th and 6'th. This places him in 7'th in the series.


9 August 2015. Hawke's Bay MCC Taylor Magic Series Round 5 (Final)

12-16yo 125cc/250cc. Vinny races to 4'th, 5'th and 5'th on a heavy track and places 4'th in the series!


2 August 2015. NZDBF TT Nationals. Gisborne

12-16yo 125cc. Vinny places 2'nd, 2'nd and 2'nd for a 2'nd overall.


1 August 2015. NZ School TT Challenge, Gisborne

Competetive 125cc. Vinny places 4'th, 3'rd and 3'rd for a 3'rd overall.


26 July 2015. Taupo Winter Series Round 4

12-14yo 125cc, With a 4'th 3'rd and a 4'th Vinny still sits in 3'rd in the series.


19 July 2015. Wanganui Winter series after round 3

12-16yo 125/250cc, Crashes and failing start gate makes this a day to forget for Vinny


5 July 2015. Hawke's Bay MCC Magic Series Round 4

12-16yo 125/250cc, Vinny has an off day but still sits 5'th in the totals for the series


3 July 2015. Trent Haywood Memorial Secondary School Champs. Te Puke.

13-14yo 125cc/250cc Expert Class. Vinny places 3'rd, 3'rd and 4'th to take 3'rd overall


28 June 2015. Taupo Winter Series Round 3

12-14yo 125cc. Vinny places 5'th, 4'th and 4'th and now sits in 3'rd in the series!


14 June 2015. Hawke's Bay MCC Magic Series Round 3

12-16yo 125/250cc. Vinny places 6'th, 4'th and 8'th after having to start with a flat tyre.


6-7 June 2015. North Island Min TT Champs, Manawatu

12-16 125cc + 14-16 250cc. Vinny places 10'th.


24 May 2015 Taupo Winter Series Round 2

12-14yo 125cc. Vinny climbs one spot in the results


17 May 2015. Wanganui Winter Series Round 1

12-16yo 125cc/250c. Vinny places 6'th, 9'th and 8'th to sit in 7'th after Round 1


10 May 2015. HBMCC Taylor Corp. Magic Series Round 2

12-16yo 125cc/250cc. Vinny races to 8'th, 6'th and 4'th.


27 April 2015. Taupo Winter Series Round 1.

12-14yo 124cc. Three good races. Go to Junior 12-14 year 125cc


20 March 2015. Rotorua Secondary School Championships

12-14 125cc + 14yo 250cc. Vinny places 22 of 44 riders. (4 slowest dropped to Beginners class after qualifying)


17 January 2015. King Of The Mountain New Plymouth

12-13yo 85cc. Vinny crashes in Race 2 while in 3'rd and injures his foot ending the day.

12-14yo 125cc. Vinnys first 125cc race. He places 7'th after not riding Race 3 as he is injured from the 85cc racing.


10 January 2015. Valley Champs Patetonga

Under 17yo 85cc. Vinny places 16'th after being taken out in Race 1 (DNF) and then riding with a taped up hand and on painkillers.




27 December 2014. Summer Cross Whakatane.

12-13yo 85cc. Vinny places 24'th after a faulty stator gives him a DNF in Race 1. Scroll down to 12-13yo 85cc


9 November 2014. HB Champs R1, R2 and R3 (final)

8-12yo 85cc. Vinny places 5'th after not riding in the final round.


25 October 2014. MX Fest Taupo

13-16yo 85cc. Tough competition and Vinny was not riding as well as he can placing 20'th from 40. Scroll down to 13-16yo 85cc


12 October 2014. 1 1/2h MX Round 1, HBMCC, Hastings

85cc. Vinny places 3'rd.


3-4 October 2014. North Island 2014 Junior Championship, North King Country MCC, Otorohanga

13-16yo 85cc. Vinny struggles in the soggy mud in his first outing in this class. Scroll down to 13-16yo 85cc


28 September 2014. Taupo Winter Series Championship Result

11-12yo 85cc points and placings overview of whole series. Vinny places 5'th after missing Round 4 with a broken collarbone


28 September 2014. Taupo Winter Series Round 6 (Final)

11-12yo 85cc. Vinny has his best Taupo meeting with a 3'rd, 1'st and 2'nd race result!


13 September 2014. Winter Cross Foxton

8-12yo 85cc. Vinny races to 4'th, 2'nd and 2'nd giving him second overall.


31 August 2014. Taupo Winter Series Round 5

Only two races for everyone as there were many nasty crashes. Vinny gets two 4'th placings! Scroll down to 8-10/11-12 85cc


17 August 2014. Wanganui Winter Series Round 5 (final)

Vinny only races three of the five rounds and places 6'th.


10 August 2014. Hawke's Bay Taylor Corp Magic Series Final Results

Two weeks after braking his collarbone Vinny wins the 8-12yo 85cc Magic Series


20 July 2014. Hawke's Bay Taylor Corp Magic Series after Round 4

In rain and mud only two races are run. Vinny wins both.


12-13 July 2014. New Zealand Mini TT Championships. Kuratau Taumarunui.

Vinny places 4'th after two days of fast riding in the 8-12yo 85cc class.


29 June 2014. Taupo Winter Series Round 3

Poor starts and a couple of crashes leaves Vinny 6'th, 3'rd and 4'th and still 4'th in the series!


23 June 2014. Mighty Manawatu Champs Foxton.

Vinny only gets one race in as the Mighty Manawatu gremlins strike for the 4'th year in a row!!


15 June 2014. Wanganui Winter Series Round 3

Three wins for Vinny.


8 June 2014. Hawke's Bay Taylor Corp Magic Series after Round 3

Vinny races in the 8-12yo 85cc class and has maximum points after three rounds!


25 May 2014. Taupo Winter Series Round 2

6'th, 6'th and 5'th drops Vinny to 4'th in the series. Scroll down to Junior 11-12yo 85cc


18 May 2014, Round 2 Wanganui Winter Series

A bike problem at start of Race 1 leaves Vinny last, but he places first in Race 2 and 3.


4 May 2014, Round 1 Taupo Winter Series

Vinny places 4'th, 4'th and 3'rd to sit 3'rd after Round 1. Scroll down to Junior 11-12yo 85cc.


27-29 April 2014, NZ Junior Champs, Ikamatua South Island

Vinny places 17'th in the 11-12yo 85cc class after finishing 13'th, 17'th, 21'st, 15'th and 26'th


4 April 2014. St Pauls Colleges "MX In The Maze" High School Champs, Huntly

Vinny places 9'th equal in the 85cc Competetive class after a 11'th, 6'th and 14'th finish.


19 January 2014. King Of The Mountain, New Plymouth

Vinny rces to a 6'th, 4'th and 5'th to claim 5'th overall in 12-13yo. (The race results have a mix of 12-13 and 14-16yo riders)


11 January 2014. Valley Champs, Patetonga

A DNF, failing brakes and crashes makes this a Champ to forget for Vinny. Scroll down to 12-16yo 85cc




28 December 2013. Summer Cross, Whakatane.

Vinny places 23'rd in Race 1 after a pile-up at first corner, 18'th in Race 2 after one fall and 14'th in Race 3 for an 18'th place overall in 12-13yo 85cc.


1 December 2013. Manawatu-Orion MCC Club Champs (4 round series). Manawatu.

Vinny misses one round with a broken hand but still gets 3'rd in the Champs. (Note: Last round points are separate for Vinny)


23-24 November 2013. Top of the South Championships, Takaka.

Vinny places 3'rd after some consistant riding in his first Champs back after broken hand. Scroll down to 11-12yo 85cc


18 October 2013. "Nailing The Peat" Hauraki Plains College High School MX Champs.

Vinny places 7'th in a very competetive class after a crash in last race and broken hand. Scroll down to Competetive 85cc


13 October 2013. Round 4 (final) Rotorua Winter Series.

2 wins and a 2'nd for Vinny. But only two first races count as the team needed time to get all ready for prizegiving.


6 October 2013. Manawatu-Orion MCC Club Champs Round 2

3 second places on Vinny's worst track is OK. Scroll down to 8-11yo 85cc.


29 September 2013. Taupo Winter Series 11-12yo 85cc Championship standings after final round.

Vinny places 8'th in the series.


29 September 2013. Taupo Winter Series R6 (final round) 11-12yo 85cc

Vinny's best performance, sadly one DNF. DNF, 4'th, 6'th. Scroll dow to 11-12yo 85cc.


22 September 2013. Mighty Manawatu 85cc and under Chamionships.

Vinny places 10't after a day we will try to forget! Go to Under 13 years 65 to 85cc.


15 September 2013. Final results Hawke's Bay Taylor Corp. Magic Series

Vinny places 4'th. Click on "2013 Taylor Corporation Magic Series" and scroll down to "Junior 85cc 8-12yo"


8 September 2013. Round 3 of Rotorua Winter Series

3 second places for Vinny in his first round here. Click on Round 3 results and go to Junior 85cc 8-11yrs Round 3.


1 September2013. Manawatu-Orion MCC Club Champs Round 1

Vinny sits 2'nd after Round 1. Scroll down to 8-11yo85cc.


25 August 2013. Taupo Winter Series R5

Vinny gets his first Top 5 finish here in 85cc racing! Scroll down to 11-12yo 85cc.


24 August 2013. East Coast Beach Racing Challenge.

Vinny places 3'rd after a tough battle. Scroll down to Junior A.


1 August 2013. Wairoa Winter Series

Standing Junior A after round 4


28 July 213. Taupo Winter Series Round 4

Vinny places 14'th, 9'th and 9'th and stays 8'th in the series. Scroll down to 11-12yo 85cc.


6 July 2013. Gisborne Beach Racing Round 3

Vinny finishes all races in 2'nd place but ends up 3 points short of 2'nd in the series.


30 June 2013. Points after Round 3 of Taupo Winter Series

Vinny places 9'th, 7'th and 8'th and now sits 8'th in the series. Select 11-12yo 85cc.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


8 June 2013. Gisborne Beach Racing Round 2

Vinny is in 3'rd place after Round 2


​​​​​​​26 May2013. Points after Round 2 of Taupo Winter Series.

Vinny placed 12'th, 6'th and 11'th climbing inside top ten in the standings. Select 11-12yo 85cc


11 May2013. Gisborne Beach Racing Round 1

​In a field of mostly 125cc bikes Vinny finishes the day in 5'th 

26-28 April 2013. New Zealand Junior National Championships, New Plymouth.

Vinny places 29'th in his first NZ Junior Championships. Select 11-12yo 85cc.

21 April 2013. Taupo Winter Series Round 1.  ​

Vinny is 10'th after the first round. Select 11-12yo 85cc.


13 April 2013. Primary/Intermediate School Challenge, Rotorua 

Vinny places 7'th in a field of 45 11-12yo 85cc riders. Select 11-12yo 85cc.

30-31 March 2013. Capital Champs, Upper Hutt Wellington.

Vinny places 8'th in 85cc at the two day meeting.

24 March 2013. King Of The North, North Harbour Auckland  ​

​Vinny places 12'th in 9-11yo 65c after crashing in the second race. Select: 9-11 years 65c.

22 March 2013. "Back To The Peat" Hauraki Plains College's High School Championsips  ​

​Vinny places 10'th equal in 85cc Pro class against High School students! Select: Pro 85cc

26 January 2013. New Zealand Grand Prix Woodville  ​

Vinny comes 2'nd at NZGP. Select: 9-11 yo 65cc


​​23 - 24 January 2013. Mini Madness 2 day Twilight Series, Te Awamutu​​​​

Vinny places second. 65cc



29 December 2012. Summer Cross Whakatane  ​

Vinny places second. Select: Progressive Engineering 9-11yo 65cc


2012 NZ Mini MX Championships

Vinny places 16'th after two average races on day 2. 9-11yo 65cc










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