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Vinny's Sponsors

In 2012 we trialled most MX tyres available in NZ. The ones we really liked and that suited Vinny's riding style perfectly were the MOTOZ tyres!.​

We are proud to inform that from beginning of 2013 MOTOZ is a partner in Vinny's racing progress and the tyres of choice for us!

Vinny races every weekend, sometimes Saturday and Sunday. Add mid week pratices and there is heaps of bike washing going on. We are very pleased that from March 2013 Motomuck has become a partner in Vinny's MX racing, allowing us more time racing and less time washing!

Since Vinny started riding MX as a 6 year old. He has always been on a KTM and we have no plans of changing that. In 2014 we began dealing with Patterson O'Connor for all our genuine KTM bits. The service they have provided us with has been outstanding. We could not be more pleased to inform that as from June 2015 Patterson O'Connor has joined our group of quality sponsors!

We had already for years been indirectly dealing with 454 unlimited as this is the company who also is the owner of the NZ MOTOZ agency. 454 unlimied has a huge selection of racing gear, after market parts, oils and list goes on. After years of buying their products it was time to make this official and give 454 unlimited the recognition they deserve!

Dad and Sandra.

The long hours and the financial support is all an investment in our retirement plan ;-)​

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