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Vincent (Vinnie) Andersson

DOB: 2 October 2001

From: Hastings, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Family: Lives with dad Pete. Oldest brother Didrik lives in Taupo,

second oldest brother Zakarias lives in Auckland, brother Mika lives

in Wellington and mum Ellie lives in Napier.

Schools: Haumoana Primary School, Havelock North Intermediate.

Havelock North High School.

Interests: Motocross, biking, X-Box, computer, surfing, swimming

Favorite food: Broccoli, dads pancakes

Favorite Tracks:

​Mini tracks: Taupo and Kapi Mana Upper Hutt

Junior/Senior tracks: Pirini and Taupo

Riders he admires: Ben Townley, James Stewart.


Member of the following clubs:

- Central Hawke's Bay MCC

- Te Awamutu MCC


Past bikes:

Suzuki LT 50 4 wheeler

Suzuki DS80

Mammuth 90

KTM 50 1999 aircooled

KTM 50sx 2004 

KTM 65sx 2003 

KTM 65sx 2006 

KTM 65sx 2011 

KTM 85sx 2009

KTM 85sx 2011

KTM 85sx 2013

KTM 125sx 2012

Current bikes:

KTM 125sx 2016

KTM 150sx 2013


Vinny is a 23 year old Motocross rider in New Zealand.

He has been riding since he was six years old and was in 2012 competing in the 9-11 yo 65cc class.

In 2013 Vinny moved up to Juniors and in 2014 rode in the 11-12yo 85cc class until he turned 13 in October. He then moved up to the 13-16yo 85cc class. In 2015 he moved up to the 12-14yo 125cc class and in his final two Junior years (2017 -2018) rode in the 15-16yo 125cc class. In 2019 and 2020 he raced in MX2/MX3 and will do so also

in 2021.

Vinny is a dedicated KTM rider and his riding number is 333. (His riding number was 33 all the way until the NZ Junior Champs in 2014 when MNZ stipulated that he could not use that number. He selected to use 333 from then onwards)


His aim is to enjoy his riding and compete hard in races. Placings are not that important anymore, but Vinny

still aims to race hard and place as well as he is able to.

His current sponsors are:

- MOTOZ Offroad Tyres

- MOTOMUCK Cleaner

- Patterson O'Connor Motorcycles

- 454 unlimited

- Dad and Sandra


Vinny had his first MX race on a 50cc air cooled KTM 50 in middle of 2008 as a 6 year old. On his 7'th birthday in October that year he got a 2004 KTM 50sx water cooled bike and suddenly he was able to keep up with the other riders! As he got older and the bikes changed he soon started to compete for top placings. 2012 was the year we took Vinnys riding to another level. He competed at 45 Mini meetings in North Island on his 65cc KTM. The results started coming at end of the year thanks to the experience he gained, and even if the win at the Auckland Champs probably rates as his top performance in 2012, the meeting that really stood out was the final one of 2012: Summer Cross in Whakatane where Vinny placed 2'nd in a field of 38 riders

A list of Vinny's 2012 podium finishes:
1'st Auckland Champs 65cc
1'st Wairarapa Champs 65cc
1'st Wairarapa Champs 85cc (On 65cc)
2'nd Summer Cross Whakatane 65cc
2'nd Ben Townley "Once In A Blue Moon" Tauranga 65cc Expert Grade
2'nd Wanganui v Taranaki Challenge 65cc
3'rd King of the Mountain New Plymouth 65cc
3'rd Wanganui Winter Series 65cc
3'rd Hawke's Bay Magic Winter Series 65cc (Missed one round)
3'rd Hawke's Bay Champs Summer Series 65cc (Missed one round)
3'rd Auckland Mini MX Club Champs 65cc​ (un-officially as not a club member)

Other 2012 finishes:

​4'th Valley Champs Patetonga 65cc

5'th Labour w/e Extravagansa Taupo 65cc

7'th Waikato Champs 65cc

14'th Waikato Champs 85cc (On 65cc)

15'th Taupo Winter Series 65cc

16'th NZ Champs 65cc

17'th NI Champs 65cc




In 2013 Vinny moved up to the 11-12yo 85cc Junior class with the aim of learning and competing in 2013, and then in 2014 be able to fight for podiums. He also competed in a few 9-11yo 65cc meetings at the beginning of the year where his 2'nd at the NZGP was outstanding. But for the rest of 2013 he was fully committed to his 85cc racing.​ Vinny raced 66 days in 2013 (not including practice days). The progress in 2013 was slower than in 2012. His speed increased together with his confidence, but the Junior class is much more competetive than Mini's, and there are no beginners riding here anymore. Coming 2'nd in the NZDBF Beach Racing Champs in Gisborne and 3'rd at "Top Of The South" in his first time racing in South Island are the ones that stand out.


A list of Vinny's 2013 podium finishes:​

Most improved Mini 2012-2013 Hawke's Bay MCC

1'st 7-11 year 65cc 2012-2013 Hawke's Bay MCC​

2'nd Te Awamutu Mini Madness 2 day twilight series 9-11yo 65cc

2'nd New Zealand Grand Prix Woodville 9-11yo 65cc

2'nd NZDBF Beach Racing Nationals Junior A Grade 85 - 250cc

3'rd Gisborne Beach Racing Series, Juniors All In 85 - 250cc

3'rd East Coast Beach Racing Challenge, Juniors A Grade 85 - 250cc

3'rd Top of the South Championships, Junior 11-12yo 85cc

3'rd Manawatu-Orion Club Champs series 8-11yo 85cc (missed Round 3 of 4 with a broken hand)


Other 2013 finishes:

​4'th Hawke's Bay Magic Winter Series 8-12yo 85cc

7'th Primary/Intermediate Challenge Rotorua 85cc

7'th Hauraki Plains College MX Champs (Spring), Competetive 85cc

8'th Capital Champs Wellington 85cc

8'th Taupo Winter Series 11-12yo 85cc

8'th Rotorua Winter series 8-11yo 85cc (only did ride in 2 of 4 rounds)

​10'th Hauraki Plains College MX Champs (Autumn), Competetive 85cc

10'th Mighty Manawatu 85cc and under Championships. 11-12yo 85cc

12'th King Of The North Auckland 9-11yo 65cc

18'th Summer Cross Whakatane, 12-13yo 85cc

29'th NZ Junior National Championship 11-12yo 85cc



This was Vinny's second year in 11-12yo 85cc. The idea was to still race at as many meetings as possible, but focus on three Winter Series that did not clash. This way Vinny would be able to complete all three series. The aim here was a podium in each of the series. Add to this most of the Championship meetings and the year was as full as ever. Where 2013 was about learning and getting experience, in 2014 the idea was to shift the focus to results even if we still worked hard on development and learning. Once Vinny turned 13 in October he moved up to the 13-16yo 85cc class.
Vinny injured his vertebrae at the NZGP in end of January. He was allowed back to racing on 18 March.
At end of July he broke his right collarbone, Two weeks later Vinny was back racing (with a doctors clearance) sealing the win in HB six round Winter Series by winning every race in the series!
After healing from his spine injury in January Vinny started doing really well and we were on track. The broken collarbone later in the year stopped Vinny from getting a podium at Taupo Winter series (he missed one round). But it was only a small hick-up in the bigger picture.
After moving up to 13-16yo 85cc in October there was a change in Vinnys riding. Some of the hunger had gone and there was many mistakes on the track. Three years of riding almost every w/e had started to kill some of the fun in his racing. Even series where Vinny was almost certain to get a podium did not get him enthusiastic. As a result Vinny decided to take a break and re-emerged for Summer Cross at end of December where stator problems stopped him from higher placings.
A list of Vinny's 2014 podiums:
1'st Hawke's Bay Magic Winter Series 8-12yo 85cc
2'nd East Coast Beach Racing Challenge, Juniors A Grade 85cc
2'nd Winter Cross 8-12yo 85cc
Other 2014 finishes:
4'th New Zealand Mini TT 8-12yo 85cc
5'th Taupo Winter Series 11-12yo 85cc (Vinny missed one round of six with broken collarbone)
5'th King of the Mountain 12-13yo 85cc
5'th Capital Champs 8-16yo 85cc
5'th HB Champs 8-12yo 85cc (Vinny did not ride in the last round of three)
6'th Wanganui Winter Champs 8-12yo 85cc (Only raced 3 of 5 rounds)
9'th St Pauls College's "MX In The Maze" High School Champs Experienced 85cc
17'th NZ Junior National Champs 11-12yo 85cc
18'th Mighty Manawatu Champs under 13 yo 85cc (Only finished Race 1)
20'th Valley Champs Under 17yo 85cc
20'th NI Junior Champs 13-16yo 85cc (DNF last race)
20'th MX Fest Taupo 12-16yo 85cc
24'th Summer Cross 12-13yo 85cc (DNF Race 1)
27'th Waikato Champs 12-16yo 85cc (Only finished Race 1)
DNS NZGP 11-12yo 85cc (Injury in practice)
The year started with Vinnys two final 85cc races (Valley Champs Patetonga and King Of The Mountain New Plymouth) before he fully moved up to 125cc racing. The 125cc racing was a new challenge that Vinny loves. 2015 was used to get to know the 125cc with the plan to then in 2016 fight for top placings. Sadly 2015 also was a year with many inuries that hampered Vinnys development and time on the bike. All up 4 injuries and 5 months off the bike.


A list of Vinny's 2015 podiums:

1'st East Coast Beach Racing Challenge Junior 125/250cc

2'nd Central HB 1hour Junior 125/250cc

2'nd Alexander Electric Hawke's Bay MCC 1.5 hour MX series Junior 125/250cc (Vinny raced in 2 of the 3 rounds)

2'nd NZDBF TT Nationals 12-16yo 125cc

3'rd Trent Haywood Memorial Secondary School Champs Expert 13-14yo 125cc/250cc

3'rd NZ School TT Challenge Competitive 125cc


Other 2015 finishes:

4'th Hawke's Bay MCC Taylor Magic Winter Series 12-16yo 125/250cc (missed Round 1 with injury)

4'th Taupo Winter Series 12-14yo 125cc

5'th North Island Championship 12-14yo 125cc

7'th King Of The Mountain 12-14yo 125cc (DNS Race 3)

7'th Wanganui Winter Series 125cc Juniors

10'th North Island Mini TT 12-16yo 125/250cc

16'th Valley Champs under 17yo 85cc (DNF Race 1)

17'th King Of The Mountain 12-13yo 85cc (Only finished Race 1)

22'nd Rotorua Secondary School Champs 13-14yo 125cc/14yo 250cc

35'th Summer Cross 12-15yo 125cc. (DNS Race 3)

DNF MX Fest Taupo 12-14yo 125cc. (Crash in Race 1)



Vinny rode in the 12-14yo 125cc class for hs second year. We tried a different approach in 2016. Less racing and more riding. That sounded all good, but was before Vinny broke his right leg in the last race at NZ Junior Champs (still placing 11'th). After 3 months off Vinny got back racing on 24 July. All up Vinny missed five months of racing as a result of his injuries this year. There was also a loss of enthusiasm at end of the year, our financial situation was much tougher and as a result we experienced more bike issues as there was not enough funds to buy much needed parts. We really needed to get back to how we raced up until now and again run two bikes so we always had a backup. But there just was not the funds to do this. 2016 would have been the year, since 2011, where the number of race meetings we raced in was lowest and this also shows in the results. But this year Vinny also got his best ever, so far, result at the NZ Junior Champs.


A list of Vinny's 2016 podiums:

2'nd Wairoa MCC Summer Series Senior B


Other 2016 finishes:

4'th East Coast Flat Track Champs 12-16yo 125cc

6'th King Of The Mountain 12-14yo 125cc

7'th 2016 Hawke's Bay Junior 125/250cc Champs

7'th BOP/Trident Inter School Champs 12-14yo 125cc/250ccf

11'th NZ Junior Champs 12-14yo 125cc (crashed out last race and DNF)

34'th Rotorua School Champs (only completed Race 1)


Vinny rode in the 15-16yo 125cc class. After some soul-searching he agreed on working towards the 2018 NZ Junior Champs. We have a year and a few months to get ready. Vinny did not race in the 2017 NZ Junior Champs, but we will be back for 2018! This year Vinny wanted to race in as many School Championships in NI as possible. Plus we at last found a practice track in Hastings! This was the year when we had a HNHS MX Team! 


A list of Vinny's 2017 podiums:

2017 Best Performance, Motocross Sports Award, Havelock Nth High School

3'rd with Havelock Nth HS MX Team at Wairoa School MX

3'rd equal Hauraki Plains College Nailing The Peat 5, Competitive 125cc


Other 2017 finishes:

4'th South Waikato MCC Winter Series Junior 125/250 All In

5'th (4'th equal) Wairoa School MX Expert 125cc

5'th FMX East Coast Flat Track Champs Junior 12-16yo 125cc

5'th Pukekohe SandPrix Junior 15-16 125cc

5'th Taupo Winter Series Junior 15-16 125cc (missed 2 rounds)

7'th FMX East Coast Flat Track Champs Senior Support Under 250cc

7'th equal Trident/BOP School MX Champs 15-18yo 125cc

8'th NISS MX Champs Competitive 15-19yo 125cc

9'th Hawke's Bay Champs 12-16yo 125/250 All In

10'th Pukekohe Sand Prix National 125cc

12'th Mighty Manawatu Junior Champs Under 17yo 125cc

12'th NZ Secondary Schools MX Championships 15-19yo 125cc

14'th King Of The Mountain Junior 15-16yo 125cc

16'th MX Fest Junior 15-16yo 125cc

22'nd Rotorua School MX Champs 15-19yo 125cc

22'nd SummerX Youth 15-21yo 125cc/250ccf

23'rd SummerX Junior 15-17yo 125cc 

27'th at Battle of the Clubs 2017 with the Taumarunui MCC Junior Teams overall result.


This was Vinnys last year as a Junior. He raced in as many decent events as possible. Vinny also realised that he was not fit, so time was dedicated each day to solve this! He also took a second look at his efforts at school and decided that the school needed to be #1. His #2 was his part-time job at New World, so MX came in at 3'rd in 2018. 

As result he passed Level 2 with flying colours and was doing a good job at New World. His MX did not go as well. We had ongoing bike issues that robbed Vinny of some higher placings, but he also did not focus as hard on MX this year.

A list of Vinny's 2018 podiums:

2018 Best Performance, Motocross Sports Award, Havelock Nth High School

1'st East Coast Flat Track Championship 12-16yo 125cc

1'st Central Hawke's Bay Club Days Top Points 2017-2018 Junior 125/250

3'rd 2018 Hawke's Bay Magic Series Junior 125cc


Other 2018 finishes:

6'th Cambridge Winter Series (raced 2 of 5 rounds)

9'th Tauranga MCC School MX, 15 - 19yo 125cc

10'th NZ Mini TT, 12 - 16yo Junior 125cc/250ccf

11'th NZ Mini TT, 125cc

11'th Bay Of Plenty/Trident Inter School MX, 15-18yo 125cc

11'th Pukekohe MCC Sand Prix 2018, 15-16 125cc

12'th NZ Secondary School MX Champs 15-19yo 125cc

14'th King Of The Mountain Junior 15-16yo 125cc

20'th Rotorua Secondary School Championships, 15-18yo 125cc

22'nd King Of The Mountain National 125cc


Vinny was now a senior rider and will stay so for quite some years! Therefore there will be time to focus on MX when he feels ready to do so. We will keep the 2016 KTM 125sx for National 125 riding, School MX riding and also as a backup bike to the KTM 150sx we are planning to buy at some stage in 2019. We will ride more close to home and for fun in 2019. But who knows what the year brings... He also achieved Level 3 at HNHS. Vinny took time out from serious racing and did some club meetings and even a XC!

A list of Vinny's 2019 podiums:


Other 2019 finishes:

6'th Tauranga MCC School MX, 15 - 19yo 125cc

15'th NZ Mini TT Champs, Clubman


Vinny has enjoyed that the school is now finished. He works at New World and has also become a very competitive gamer. But the idea was to get back in to MX after the summer and focus on a few series: Central HB and Taupo. Then Covid-19 arrived and any activity stopped from March to beginning of June. We sold the 2012 125sx in parts and purchased a 2013 KTM 150sx. We slowly made some upgrades on the 150sx and had it running sweet at end of the year.

A list of Vinny's 2020 podiums:


Other 2020 finishes:

6'th NZ Mini TT Champs MX3

7'th Taupo Winter Series MX3

11'th Wairarapa MX Champs MX2


Vinny has picked where he wanted to ride. Top pick has been the Central HB monthly series where he has been very competitive. We also did the 2021 NZ Mini TT where all did not go to plan. And Vinny is now also riding in the Te Awamutu Natural Terrain Series. (see race reports for info)

A list of Vinny's current 2021 podiums:

3'rd 2020 - 2021 Central HB MCC monthly series  MX2 

Other 2021 finishes:

13'th NZ Mini TT Champs MX3

Vincent Andersson motocross
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