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2015 July - December Racing

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2015 Summer Cross, Whakatane. 125cc 12-15yo.

27 December 2015

After 2 months off with a broken wrist Vinny had two days at Broxy's Pirini Camp and the next thing was SummerX. We had contemplated not to do this meeting as Vinny was not ready. But we agreed that there was no pressure on him and the results did not matter. Go and have a race meeting and get back in to it...


Vinny felt good and looked forward to again go racing. But we soo underestimated how his lack of racing fitness would affect the day.


On a hot and sunny last day of Vinny's 2015 racing the track was the best we seen it. 38 riders lined up for practice, meaning that nobody would be eliminated and Vinny did not need to push him self for a good time. Apart from being taken down once, by a rider who changed line in a bend, all went OK and Vinny got 31'st fastest time.


After an OK start in Race 1 Vinny was sitting in a comfortable 18'th spot (middle of the pack as per our plan). He then had a 'brain-freeze' and dropped the bike in the new saw-dust section. Vinny struggled to get his bike up and lost approx a minute before back up riding now in last. He climbed up a few places and finished 31'st.


For Race 2 Vinny went out with the instruction of just riding his own race and looking up ahead when riding. He again had an OK start and was in the middle of the pack when, at top of the small hill after the holeshot, a rider fell just ahead of him and he crashed in to the fallen bike. He was back up in 4'th from last and slowly worked his way up when taken out by a rider he was passing. This damaged the bike and the muffler came loose. Vinny was now also hurting all over. He finished one lap down in 29'th place.


We decided to call it a day and Vinny did not line up for Race 3. As a result he placed 35'th in his class.

We came away knowing how much work there was to do to get Vinny ready for NZ Juniors in April. After spending all up 5 months injured and out of racing in 2015 we are far from where we were planning to be. But it is what it is and we are fighters!




MX Fest is no party for Vinny!
24 October, Taupo


After having rebuilt the motor we were ready. We got to Taupo in good time and found the last empty spot by the starting straight! Some early rain but for Vinnys first race in 12-14yo 125cc the rain had stopped. All looked good!


The track had some wet spots and there was some dirt-porridge. But nothing that would cause any huge issues. In practive Vinny took it easy and focused on figuring out the track. He had 10'th fastest time from the 11 riders. But we were not concerned. Our aim was to place 7'th or better. The top 6, on paper, would be hard work for Vinny but we felt that a 5'th was inside his reach if things went Vinny's way. Sadly they did not.


In Race 1 Vinny came out in 6'th after the start. He then got passed and settles in to 7'th. Things were looking ok... that was until on lap 3 he crashed in the corner before the saw-dust section. He told me after, that his front wheel came out of the rut and he decided to power through. The bike spat him off and he landed on his right hand. Vinny stayed down and the yellow flag and the first aid flag was up.


Hayden and Jesse were leading the race and when they came around Vinny was still down. Sadly both disregarded the flags and as a result got 30 second penalties that were added to their times.


That was the end of the 2015 MX Fest for us. Vinny has two broken bones in his right wrist and a cast that will stay on for six weeks. Will we be able to race at Auckland Champs in December??? We will find out.


Rotorua MCC Champs Round 2
11 October 2015


We woke up 6.20am after I had turned off the alarm and gone back to sleep... Sign-in closed at 9am so we needed to get sorted and quick! After the fastest van-loading we ever done we were on the road at 6.35am and made it from Hastings to the Rotorua track at 9.01am. Not bad going with our old van (The Racing Snail)!!


Vinny had spent time being coached by Broxy in the last weeks. This was obvious in the practice as Vinny looked much more comfortable in his riding. We had a few goals for today, one being climbing up the results a spot or two by coming ahead of a couple of riders.


In Race 1 Vinny's start was not the best, but he soon climbed up to 6'th in the field of 21 riders. On Lap 2 he passed for 5'th...and the motor seized. That was the end of our riding for the day as we do not have a spare bike.


Very disappointing as Vinny's riding had looked very encouraging. Now a motor rebuild, cancel all riding plans for this w/e and we will be back for MX Fest in Taupo on Saturday 24 October. See you there!


PS. If anyone wants to sponsor us with a spare 125cc bike this would be the ideal moment...


Taupo Winter Series Final Round (Round 6)
27 September 2015


Ten riders lined up for the last round of the 12-14yo 125cc series at Taupo. Vinny was sitting in 4'th in the series and had very small chances to climb or to drop placings. On a sunny and warm day all went to plan.


In Race 1 Vinny struggled a little to follow the plan re how to tackle corners and doubles as there was more loose dirt and sand on the track than normally. Dylan, who Vinny had been racing in 65cc and 85cc had now also moved up to 125cc and raced well to beat Vinny in this race. Vinny raced OK and finished in 6'th.


For Race 2 we had a good look at the track and Vinny came up with ways of addressing the areas where he had struggled. This worked and he placed 5'th after a good start (where he was 3'rd) and better lines. He also managed to beat Dylan.


In Race 3 Hayden (who had raced to second in the both earlier races after Maximus) crashed soon after the start. Vinny raced well and placed 4'th after Maximus, Sam and Cam.


A good day of racing for Vinny. He has started to get height and distance in his jumps, his starts are fast and he takes some calculated chances but there is no recklessness in his riding. We find that there are small improvements every time we go racing.


The final top 6 placings in the Series were:
1. Maximus
2. Sam
3. Hayden
4. Vinny
5. Bailey
6. Cam


In Vinnys 6 years racing at Taupo this was his best placing in their Winter Series. We read that as a slow and steady improvement!


2010: 6-8yo 50cc, 10’th

2011: 9-11yo 65cc B Grade, 6’th

2012: 9-11yo 65cc A Grade, 15’th

2013: 11-12yo 85cc, 8’th

2014: 11-12yo 85cc, 5’th (missed one round with broken collarbone)

2015: 12-14yo 125cc, 4’th 125cc

North Island Junior Champs Round 2. 12-14yo 125cc

19 September, Ngaruroro Raceway Hastings.


The promise was for rain. Luckily the wet stuff stayed away while the Juniors did ride. But Sunday the Seniors got totally blasted!! Vinny was sitting in 6'th after Round 1 in Manawatu. We came here with the aim of climbing to 4'th (or higher if possible...).


In practice all looked good. The three jumps Vinny did not do was also shunned by all apart from by the two top riders; Maximus and Hayden. Then Cam (who was in 3'rd) blew his motor and suddenly 3'rd was a possibility! Hayze from South Island (Nelson) was the only new rider in the mix. He proved to be a fast one and placed 3'rd all day. But as he had no chance to catch the ones who did ride in Round 1 it was all up to Josh, Tom and Vinny to fight for 3'rd.


We had done some work on Vinnys bike. There was new numbers,some new graphics, chain and sprockets. Add a HGS pipe and it looked promising. The idea was to also have new pistong rings, but sadly the ones that turned up were for a 250 bike. And the X-Wing we got would not fit either. So some good and bad in the mix.


Race one and Vinny came out fast but was pushed out in the corner by Hayze and had to drop back. He was in 6'th but it looked promising. Sadly Vinnys confidence was not there and he did not follow the plan with the jumps or the split lane selection before finish line. As a result he placed 6'th. Hayden won the race ahead of Maximus even if Hayden stalled the bike just before the gate dropped!


We had a good look at what happened in Race 1 and agreed on changes. In Race 2 Vinny again had a good start and was in 3'rd before dropping to 4'th. But 4'th was all we needed... now just keep it on! But as Vinny did not jump two of the doubles at the back (and all others had started doing them) it did not matter how well he did ride as he lost 4-5 seconds there each lap. Add a mistake where he went outside the track and he placed 7'th even if he had now started to jump the double at the front. Much better ride from Vinny (and he cut his lap time with 3 seconds). But he needed to do better! Hayden had again stalled his bike at the gate and started after everyone else. He quickly caught all and passed for 1'st. Maximus dropped back before he started the chase (looked like he was playing with Hayden...). He pushed him self past on the last lap making the difference 11 points. It was now almost impossible for Hayden to win the Championship.


Race 3 was for the $100 holeshot money. Vinny really wanted this! And he felt he had a chance. He flew out of the gate and for a few seconds the $100 was his. Then the three fastest guys on the day passed him and he was 4'th at the holeshot line. Vinny had his fastest lap times of the day, but a crash when battling for 5'th dropped him to 7'th where he finished. Again Maximus came from behind to steal the win from Hayden.


Maxiumus won the NI Champs with Hayden 2'nd. Josh came 3'rd with Tom 4'th, Vinny 5'th and Cole 6'th. We had hoped for a little higher placing. But we are OK with this as Vinny has one more year in the class where most of the others will move up to the 15-16yo class. And looking at positives; Vinny now has the split lane sorted and doing the double at the front. Now he needs to learn to do the two doubles at the back and he will be in the hunt!!


Thanks to:
The Hawke's Bay MCC for an awsum event,


Thanks to Vinnys sponsors:
MOTOZ Tyres for the awsum hookup at the starts!
MOTOMUCK for helping us keep the bike pristine!
Broxy Rider Coaching for Vinny's rider development!
JT Racing for the awsum riding gear!
Patterson O'Connor for fast and friendly service!
Sandra for the continuing support!


And to:
BURRELL Signs for the new bike look!
Moto Tech NZ for the awsum HGS Pipe!


Rotorua MCC Club Champs Round 1.
13 September


The Rotorua track was nice with some loose sand/dirt on the surface. The day was warm and with a 9am close for sign-in we did our 2h 45min drive in daylight.


We signed Vinny up for the Junior 125cc/250cc class that had 17 riders, most older than Vinny. He would also ride in the Junior Open class where any juniors could ride. 14 riders lined up for this class.


Practice went well and Vinny had a good look at the track sussing out where to ride.


The Junior Open Class was first up. This class only had two races. In Race 1 Vinny had an OK start and came out in 6'th. Through the race he had some good battles but lost a few spots and placed 8'th.

Later in Race 2 he was in 4'th after the start but quickly rose to 2'nd when one rider crashed. Vinny was slowly reeled in but finished a good 5'th. This was for practice only, and works out well as there are no points on offer in this class.


In Race 1 of the 125/250 class his start was OK'ish and he was in 10'th out of 17 riders. Vinny climbed up one spot before dropping two and finished the race in 11'th. As some riders were not club members their placings won’t count in the official standings, and so Vinny was officially 8’th.


We were not totally happy with how the bike worked, so before Race 2 we did some re-jetting. We also did some changes to Vinny's riding. This all made a noticeable difference in his racing. But Vinny had his worst start of the day and came out in 11'th. He started the climb-up and managed to climb to 9'th at end of the race. (Officially 6’th)


Vinny had been suffering from a cold for two weeks, add riding in 2 classes and in Race 3 (last race of his day) it started to show. He came out in 7'th after the start but lost two placings on Lap 1. Then one more to finish in 10'th. (Officially 7’th)


Vinny officially sits in 6’th after Round 1 with 4 more to go. This was a good day of racing and we will work hard on improving Vinny's placings next time by using what we learnt today. We prefer series to one-off championships as we build up because we are able to measure Vinny’s improvements from round to round when comparing to other riders giving us some of the goals we set for Vinny’s riding.


Junior Open:


12-16yo 125cc/250cc:

Taupo Winter Series Round 5.

30 August


Predicting the weather must be the only job where you can be wrong most of the time and still keep your job! It was supposed to be a crappy day in Taupo with rain all morning and then clearing up in the afternoon. We got a short shower when the 85cc's went out for their first ride and that was it. And from noon onwards it was sunny and warm! But we are not complaining!


Vinny was suffering from a cold. He was chesty and lacked energy. On Saturday we had been to the HBMCC only practice at Ngaruroro Raceway before Round 2 of NI Champs. Vinny already knows the track so we focused on sections where he could be faster. But as a result of his cold we did not achieve all we wanted to. Today we planned to use some of the changes we had implemented in his racing to here at Taupo get closer to the riders that are faster than Vinny (Maximus, Hayden, Sam and Cam).


Practice was used for just that: practice. We worked on the outside double after the finish line, the Dam Jump and the two doubles at the back. Dam Jump and the two doubles looked good, but Vinny was still hesitant re the double after the finish line.


Race 1 started well. Coming up to the holeshot turn Vinny was in 2'nd but then dropped down to 3'rd. A little later he lost that spot to Cam but was still in 4'th at end of Lap 1. On Lap 2 Sam caught up and managed to pass Vinny. He then had a crash on second to last lap and finished the race in 6'th. He only did the double after finish line first time, but apart from that the racing was OK. We did not worry re the crash. Hayden won the race after Maxumus crashed even if he had to fight hard for the win after Maximus came back.


For Race 2 the orders were clear: The double after the finish line was to be taken each lap! No excuses! Vinny did that and got some good air in the jumps! He had a good start and was in 4'th after the first corner. A little later Sam managed to again pass him. But then Cam crashed while Vinny was hanging on. Vinny finished a good race in 4'th after Maximus, Hayden and Sam.


In Race 3 Vinny was now getting good air in all his jumps and looked comfy doing so! He again had a good start and was 4'th. Between the races he had been out sussing out some new lines. He used one of them but it did not work and he crashed and suddenly was in 8'th. Time for damage control. After some hard work Vinny was back up in 4'th where he finished. Maximus crashed again and Hayden won the race, Cam 2'nd and Maximus 3'rd.


We came here with clear goals: fully jump all the jumps, do the double after the finish line and fight in the starts. We achieved all 3 goals, so the day was a total success. Vinny is now 4'th in the series with one round to go.

Round 1 of NI Junior MX Champs

22 August 2015, 12-14yo 125cc


The round was held at Flipp's north of Foxton. A track we know well and where Vinny yet has to have a championship meeting where all goes to plan. We have had faulty clutches, two blown engines (on same day), motor dying w/o anything found to be wrong (and then coming back to life) and more through the four years we been coming here. This time that was not going to happen. All had been checked and checked again...


It was a nice warm day with almost no wind and a track that looked really good. The club had done some upgrades to the track, but by doing this we felt some of the fun of the track had been lost as it had now become a track where a fast bike was what mattered more than technique. The ones with more hp would have an advantage today. As Vinny's 2012 KTM 125sx is stock standard we expected to struggle a bit against riders who have modified their bikes.


Practice went well and Vinny was 5'th fastest. This would be his fastest laps as the track got heavier as the day went on.


When checking the bike over before Race 1 I noticed that the chain was loose... The l/h side wheel bearing had collapsed! (Brand new bearings fitted 3 weeks ago...). I tried to solve it, but did run out of time. Vinny's race had already started when I sent him out to ride slow and just pick up the points. As there were only 8 riders in his class he would still get 13 points and all would not be lost.


For Race 2 we had managed to borrow a wheel from Tony Cvitanovich. (Thanks a million Anna!!). Vinny had a good start but it became obvious who had more hp in their engines as riders pulled away from him. Vinny was in 4'th and it looked good. The three at the front (Maximus, Hayden and Riley) would be hard to catch but we fancied Vinny's chances to place 4'th/5'th. But then Vinny was passed by first Cam and later by Tom. Vinny finished in 6'th.


For Race 3 we made some changes to Vinny's riding. Initially it looked like it was not working as he came out last from the start. But slowly it started to pay off and Vinny was racing as fast as he could. He managed to climb up to 5'th.


This leaves Vinny in 6'th after Round 1. Apart from the three top placings the rest only have a spread of five points. Round 2 (final round) at Ngaruroro in Hastings will be where all is revealed! But as that track also favours fast bikes we might need to do some upgrades...

Wanganui Winter Series

Round 4 (final) 16 August


We travelled here with no expectations of placing well in the series. Vinny was sitting in 10'th after 3 rounds. The reason we ride here is to improve by having riders ro fight with. An that is happening.


A nice day for MX in Wanganui. Sunny, about 15 degrees and only a few minor showers. We had spent some time working on Vinnys starts and today was the day to test if we had got it right. A 2'nd, and a holeshot against some good riders indicated that we are on the right track. There is still much to work on in Vinnys riding. But with the starts going well we have taken a big step.


From the 17 riders that had been riding in the 125cc class only 8 turned up today. Hayden was again unstoppable and has now won every race he has raced in here. Vinny has been battling with a group of riders closer to the back and same eventuated today.


In Race 1 Vinny had a brilliant start and was on the way to the holeshot before Hayden passed him. Still, we take 2'nd! Before end of Lap 1 normal order had been established with the top 4 riders creating a gap to the group Vinny was in. Tom had a crash and so also Bradley. Vinny held 5'th for most of the race, but Bradley came back and managed to pass Vinny on the last lap! Vinny finished 6'th.


Race 2 did not start as well. Vinny was 7'th and soon 8'th. Bradley again crashed and Vinny passed Tom. With Oliver pulling off Vinny was again in 5'th. That was before Bradley came back and passed Vinny on the last lap! Vinny had one more go by block passing, but had the bike in too high gear allowing Bradley to finish in 5'th.


For Race 3 it had starting raining, but as there was a 10 minute wait until an injured rider was helped off the track, the rain had time to stop. The extra time also played in to our hands as Vinnys bike died on the starting line. A quick visit to the pits, a new spark plug, and he was back in time for his holeshot! But Hayden passed Vinny straight after. Vinny was then also passed by the faster riders. Again Bradley crashed and Vinny held 5'th... until Bradley caught up and fought with Vinny. He again passed and relegated Vinny to 6'th one more time.


Today was a huge improvement in Vinny's riding. His starts were the highlight, but also some mature riding and the fighting spirit, that has at times been missing, was back!


We think Vinny finished the series in 7'th (TBC) and we are OK with that. Wanganui has again helpt us improve Vinnys riding!

Hawke's Bay MCC Taylor Magic Series Round 5 (final round).

9 August 2015


A cold and miserable day with some freezing rain thrown in. The track was muddy and slippery but held together for the racing. The secret was to stay up.


Ten riders turned up for the 12-16yo 125/250cc class. Vinny was sitting in 5'th after Round 4 and had only a small chance to climb up to 4'th.


In Race 1 Vinny had a good start and was 3'rd at the holeshot (top of the hill). He soon settled in to 5'th being just a little slow to keep up with the top 4 but too fast for the 5 behind him. Then Lachlan crashed and Vinny managed to pass for 4'th.


Vinny got the holeshot in Race 2 but could not hold on and was in 4'th for 2 laps. Then on Lap 3 he crashed while under pressure. One more crash (his last for the day) did not change anything and he finished 5'th. (Most riders had one or more crashes on a slippery day).


In Race 3 Vinny again showed his starting ability and was 2'nd at the holeshot. A steady race saw him finish 5'th.


Oliver was unstoppable and won all races with Hadleigh second in two and Lachlan second in one.


To our surprise Vinny finished the series in 4'th (we thought he was 5'th). This means we have completed one of our goals for 2015; Finish 5'th or better in one winter series. Let's see if we can get the next one that is a podium in a 2015 series.

2015 NZDBF TT Championships, Gisborne

2 August


The Juniors used the same 1.9 Km track as yesterdays School TT. The Seniors got added sections with a few looong straights to take their track up to 3 Km in length. The weather stayed the same; sunny and warm. The only change we had done to the bike was swapping the rear sprocket to a 48 from a 50 tooth one to get a little more top speed.


Vinny's 12-16yo 125cc class would race together with the 14-16yo 250cc 4 stroke class. The 13-16yo 85cc class was also racing at the same time but started later in a split-start. The speed of some of the 85cc riders was much slower than the 250/125cc bikes and luckily there was space to easily overtake reducing the chance of accidents.The numbers were not very high but some good tussles developed even if most riders finished all races in same place.


There was also the added factor of holeshot money for the first rider in each race. All three envelopes were won by Xavier (the winner of Vnny's 12-16yo 125cc class). On the way home Vinny asked: "If you have a good start and throttle on full, how come others pull away?" I knew this moment would come (as it had also arrived when Vinny was riding 65cc and then 85cc). Time to start looking for some upgrades to his bike...


In Race 1 Vinny came out in 4'th (2'nd in the 125cc class). Not much changed and he also finished in 4'th. His lap times had dropped by a few seconds from yesterday. Was this as a result of the smaller rear sprocket, him becoming more comfortable or the track? Probably a combination of all three.


The Race 2 start was Vinny's best and he was in 3'rd for the first 1 1/2 lap before being passed by Matthew on a 250cc. Vinny finished in same place as in Race 1.


In Race 3 Vinny was 4'th at the start and kept that place for the whole race.


Vinny had raced to 2'nd after Xavier in all races and placed 2'nd on the podium in the 12-16yo 125cc class.

Our 2 day weekend racing in Gisborne had been a good one and Vinny is very clearly becoming more comfortable on his 125cc. As always the hospitality of the Gisborne MSC was top notch and the throphies and all the giveaways became the suger at the bottom!


A BIG Thank You to Vinny's sponsors that make all this possible:
- MOTOZ Off Road Tyres
- MOTOMUCK Cleaners
- Broxy Rider Coaching
- JT Racing
- Patterson O'Connor Motorcycles
- Sandra

2015 NZ School TT Challenge, Gisborne

1 August


We had given our self over 3 hours to get to the track from Napier. Should have been enough time. But black ice and frost made the hills slippery and the speed had to be kept low. We arrived just after sign-in but all sweet and we were sorted. The sun was already climbing up and the day would be a nice and warm one!


The track was a harvested cornfield. The corn and leaves left behind made it initially slippery, but as the racing went on a clear track developed and the speed increased.


Vinny was entered in the Competitive 125cc/250cc class. As a Year 9 student he would have his work cut out as this was a High School competition where students from Y9 to Y13 were competing in same class and he would have been one of the youngest ones (if not the youngest one) in this class.


Because the entry form had the 125/250cc Competitive class as one class we came here with the goal of not being last. But the two classes being separated at the prize giving confused many. It also dealt Reece Lister from Napier Boys HS a cruel blow. He had 2'nd highest points after the three races (after Aaron King), but as he did ride the first race on his 125cc and the other two on his 250cc his points were split in to two classes meaning he placed poorly in both classes. Perhaps his points should all have been counted in the 250cc class (giving him 2'nd) as there was nothing explained re this before the racing. Sadly he pulled out from the next days NZDBF TT in protest.


In Race 1 Vinny initially settled in to last (14'th) for the first lap as he was a little intimidated by the older riders. But he soon found that he was not totally out of his league. The front runners were too fast, but a group of four developed at the back. On Lap 2 Vinny climbed up to 12'th. He then started to close on Dom Beal (who Vinny would have a good tussle with in all races). On Lap 5 Dom crashed under pressure and Vinny finished in 11'th.


For Race 2 we had the plan clear: A better start and more speed. Vinny was in 10'th at end of Lap 1 with Dom close by. On the second-to-last lap Dom managed to squeeze past Vinny, but on the last lap Vinny came back with an outside-inside line (Thanks Matt Prumm!) in a corner and then closed the gate for Dom to finish in 10'th.


In Race 3 Vinny was in 11'th for three laps before climbing up to 10th. Dom was never far behind, but just could not catch a Vinny who got faster as the meeting went on.


We would have been happy with a 10'th placing in this tough group of riders, but (as above mentioned) the separation of the two classes gave Vinny a surprise 3'rd on the podium!


Once again Vinny was the only rider from Havelock Nth High School, and as one rider does not make a team, HNHS did not place. The winning school team was Campion College with Gisborne Boys High second and Hauraki Plains College third.

Taupo Winter Series Round 4

26 July 2015


This was supposed to be a day with heavy rain in Taupo. But no rain (apart from a 10 minute slight drizzle in Race 1) eventuated. The track was the best we seen it this year and Vinny loved the racing. Sadly, probably as a result of the promised rain, the numbers were down in his 12-14yo 125cc class (I estimate there were 8 riders in Vinny's class). As a result the Womens class would start together with the 125's.


In Race 1 Vinny had an OK start, but a crash by another rider in the holeshot corner meant Vinny had to ride around and was 8'th at the first table top. He then slowly worked his way up and finished 4'th. Maximus won from Hayden.


In Race 2 Maximus had a DNF as a result of his bike failing. This gave an easy win for Hayden. Vinny had his best race of the day and climbed up to 3'rd behind Sam. This gives Vinny his first 3'rd placing at Taupo for 2015!


Maximus was back for Race 3 on a borrowed bike and had a good tussle with Hayden, but in the end it was a convincing win by Maximus. Vinny hit a backwheel of one of the ladies in the doubles and went down. He got back up and started the chase and managed another 4'th.


Vinny sits 3'rd in the series, but Hayden is only a few points behind. Anything higher than 4'th at end of the series will be a bonus!


Wanganui Winter Series Round 3
Sunday 19 July

An 5.30am start from Hawke's Bay and we were well on time for sign in on a chilly morning in Wanganui. But the day was not too bad as there was sunshine the whole day and the wind also dropped making it a plesant one.


There were 13 riders in the 12-16yo 125cc class, many that we had not seen here before. Then again we had only raced Round 1 as Round 2 was postponed and held on same Sunday as Taupo Winter Series Round 4. As a result the Wanganui club had decided that only three rounds will count (of the four) towards a riders points, meaning all who race four rounds can drop the worst one. As we would only race in three rounds we would have no round to drop.


The start gates failed in Race 1 and so there was a re-start. Vinny was last to come back. While he was lining up his bike the race was started even if he held up his hand (second time we have had this happen in Wanganui...), so he came out approx 5 seconds after everyone else. Vinny caught up quickly and passed a few riders to sit in 9'th. He passed a rider but then got tangled in his frontwheel crashing out. Vinny finished last.


In Race 2 Vinny has a better start and is initially in top five but then drops back to 11'th. He again climbs up to 9'th but again crashes while trying to pass by using an unfamiliar line. Again Vinny limps to the finishline last


Vinny now has a black eye, scrapes on his face and a sore wrist. He decides to take it easy in Race 3. But first he shows that he can get a good gate. For a split second he is 1/2 a bike ahead of all other riders before he eases back and finishes in 10'th.


Not one of our better race meetings. But we take positives away from here: Vinnys improved starts, his ability to not give up and more track time on the bike that now is working well.


#105 Hayden Smith was unstoppable. He had a little work to do in the first laps of each race. But at end of the races he was 20+ seconds ahead of the rider in 2'nd place.


East Coast Beach Racing Challenge.
Saturday 18 July

We arrived at Makorori Beach with a few minutes to spare. Unload van, sign in and it was time for practice. The corners (turns) are Vinnys weakness and so that was what he focused on to get right. We had also spent time on our local beach working on the turns in the days before the Challenge.


In Race 1 Vinny got the holeshot, but on Lap 2 Ben passed on the inside in the turn. Vinny then came back and did the same at the next turn. Ben kept the pressure on but Vinny held the lead to take the win.


Vinny managed the holeshot in Race 2 by a whisker, then Ben passed on the straight. Vinny bravely braked very late and was back in the lead coming out of the 2'nd corner. From there on it was about riding safely and keeping the lead for a 2'nd win for Vinny.


It had started raining for Race 3 and with the tide slowly sneeking up the sand was getting wet. Ben got the holeshot and kept Vinny in 2nd for the whole race by using the 250cc 4-strokers bottom end advantage as the sand got heavier to ride.


We are pleased with Vinny's first top-of-the-podium for 2015!

HBMCC Taylor Magic Series Round 4.

5 July 2015, Hastings


On Friday Vinny had done well at the Trent Haywood Memorial MX. On Saturday he did OK-ish at the Beach Racing. Today I knew he would not do to well. His motor in the KTM was not happy. There was a noise and she was sluggish. We could only hope that the bike would keep going the whole meeting. And the KTM did.


But this meant that Vinny would be struggling to place well.

In Race 1 Vinny had an average start and was about 7'th when he had a crash. But as there were also other riders crashing he managed an 8'th in the race. (Jacob had a nasty crash and ended up in hospital with an possible broken leg...)


Race 2 was similar for Vinny. He was not able to keep up with other riders and as he did not trust the bike he did ride with caution placing 8'th.


And for Race 3 we were only hoping for a completed race. Again an 8'th.

With Jacob not getting any points this round Vinny now sit's in 4'th in the series.

Time for another rebuild of the motor. This also means that we take this weekend off and come back for the East Coast Beach Racing Challenge on Saturday 18 July and then Wanganui Club Champs Round 3 on Sunday 19 July.

Gisborne Beach Racing 4 July 2015.

Saturday 4 July, Gisborne


In 2012 and 2013 we did all the Gisborne Beach racing. In 2014 only a few meetings. This year our intention is to race the East Coast Challenge on Saturday 18 July, and the NZDBF Beach Racing Champs on Saturday 2 August.

So, on the way home from the Trent Haywood Memorial, we came here to get Vinny a practice on his 125cc as last he raced here he was on the 85cc.


A low turnout of racers and Vinny was the only bike in the Junior 125cc class. But as we did not race with transponder, as this was for us only a practice, his placings would not count.


As per normal the 85cc A grade and 125cc would race together (but are scored separately).


We had expected Vinny to be too fast for the 85's on the straights, but to be caught in the corners where the 85's are more nimble. And we were right. Vinny was leading in all three races only to be passed every time he made a small mistake in the corners.


First race was won by Saxon with Vinny in 2'nd. Race 2 and 3 were won by Troy with Vinny in 2'nd.


We need more practice to master the turns. And with some mods on the way for the bike the speed should also go up in time for the two Championships!


Race 3:

Trent Haywood Memorial Secondary School Champs,

Pirini MX Park Te Puke, Friday 3 July 2015


We had never been to this track before. And what a shame that is! The high burms, the selection of jumps, the many lines a rider could take. And the awsum pumice surface. After practice Vinny told me this is now his favourite track!


This was a school MX and even if the individuals were recognised, it was about a team effort by the schools. Sadly we have not been able to get any riders from Havelock North HS to come with us to any of the events. But one day there will be a HNHS team racing and not Vinny alone! (Napier Boys HS won the event!)


There are classes for riders of all abilities. Expert, Intermediate and Novice is catered for. Then also separated in to bike and age classes. Vinny rides in the Expert 13-14yo 125cc/250cc class. All other classes had an almost full start gate, but for Vinny's class only 6 riders were entered. This did not make things easier as all riders clearly felt they belonged here and not in the intermediate class.


After practice we knew that Vinny had to cut 4 seconds of his lap time if he wanted to be on the podium. A huge ask on a unfamiliar track!


In Race 1 Vinny came out in 5'th. He soon climbed up to 4'th after performing one of his favorite passes(a Super Cross block pass). He then passed for 3'rd, but Cole came back and took over the 3'rd placing. Vinny started to chase down Cole. On the 4'th lap he managed to pass him and it was looking good, but Cole came back one more time and passed Vinny. In a corner Vinny took the outside and kept the throttle on passing Cole. He then managed to keep 3'rd until the end. (Vinny had managed to cut his lap time with 5 seconds...)


Race 2 started a little better and Vinny was in 4'th. But Cole pulled away after a mistake by Vinny. After 2 laps behind Vinny had noticed that Cole kept the throttle off when landing after the big step-down. Vinny got on to Cole's side and kept his throttle on and made the pass stick. He again finished 3'rd.


In Race 3 Vinny only wanted to consolidate his 3'rd placing as there was no way for him to keep up with Hadleigh and Reef who had their own tussle ahead. He happily settled in to 4'th after Cole and finished 2 points ahead of Cole in the standings.


Hadleigh won after winning Race 3, Reef 2'd and Vinny 3'rd on the podium.


The best 125cc race meeting for Vinny so far. Trent would have been proud of the racing done in his honour. RIP.

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