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Older Updates Jan - Dec  2018

Where is Vinny?
18 November 2018

A look at where we are and what is next. Things change, but it is all part of life.

Our 2 day Sand Prix turns in to one day racing and one day spectating
18 August 2018

There was again promise of something good with 5'th in practice times. But sadly that would be the highlight of the day

No bike issues at BOP/Trident School MX but still "nothing to "write home about"
17 August 2018

After a good first lap a crash resulting in a lower than expected placing

Vinny on the podium in HB Magic Series even if the gremlins had different plans...
12 August 2018

That was by far the hardest we have ever worked to get Vinny on the podium. For 5 rounds we have had everything thrown at us!

Bike is now sorted and did work well. But rider was struggling at NZ Secondary School Champs in Cambridge!
14 July 2018

2 Club Rounds here had given Vinny a feel for the track. But slow lap times on the day hampered his chances

More issues, but borrowing a bike for the last race pays off!
8 July 2018

Vinny had his day plan clear: Fight with Bryn and secure top spot in the Magic Series! Sadly gremlins do not care what your plans are.

Vinny fights the KTM gremlins and almost wins before they get really pee'd off and makes him suffer
24 June 2018

A win in Race 1 at Cambridge Round 2, then a 2'nd and a DNF.

Two 2'nds and a win makes Vinny top points scorer of the day in his class at Magic Round 3
10 June 2018

Vinny was not keen on doing the jumps at Mere Rd but by Race 3 he had almost conquered his fear and took the win!

Vinny gets his first Championship for 2018, but it was far from a walk in the park!
2-3 June 2018

Bike problems, change of riding style, fighting for every placing and more. Worth a read!

A wet and soggy day of racing at Valley Rd
13 May 2018

We had been hoping for a cancellation, but when it never came we went racing...ok, "racing" might be a too strong word this time...

Some setbacks, but NZ Mini TT is cool and Vinny has fun riding!
6 May 2018

Once again the 2012 is our saviour and Vinny has two days of fast racing placing 10'th.

A blown engine in Cambridge but we are still smiling!! Have we lost it? Read on and you will find out!
22 April 2018

The 2016 was humming... until it blew in Race 1. Step up trusty 2012 and we finish the day racing!

Gremlins in both bikes make it a trying day at HBMCC Magic Series Round 1
8 April 2018

A misfiring 2016 and a slipping clutch on the 2012 gave us a day with issues. But in the end Vinny did some good riding!

Safe riding gives Vinny a 9'th overall at 2018 Tauranga Boys College School MX Challenge
6 April 2018

Third time on his bike this year and we had moderate goals: Top-10 in his class and we would consider it a pass.

Steady with no surprises from Vinny at Rotorua School MX
16 March 2018

Vinny has no misshaps as a result of his safe and secure riding. Perhaps not what the plan was, but we take it and move forward

We started the years racing at Taranaki's King Of The Mountain
20 - 21 January 2018

This is a favorite of Vinnys. Sure, we have had our tests and tribulations here too. But the track, the people and the fact we can stay with a friend, and not have to sleep in a tent, makes it a meeting we love to race at. Sadly the racing did not deliver for Vinny and we now know that to get to where we want there will be hard work, sweat and pain. But we are determined to get there!!



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